*UPDATED* Apex Legends: Winter Express Event

*UPDATED* Apex Legends: Winter Express Event
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again for Apex Legends fans. The Winter Express has been running for well over two weeks now and has come with a wide variety of new collection event items fans can get their hands on.

With the winter and holiday season upon us, it’s only fitting that the Wintertide Event has returned baring plenty of new items for fans to dig into.

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The Wintertide Event began on December 6th and will run until December 27th. But with that all said, what can fans expect from the festive Apex Legends event?

From the fascinating rewards to all the details you need to know about the game mode and event, let’s have a look at what the Wintertide Event and Winter Express on Apex Legends is all about.

Apex Legends: Winter Express Details

Apex Legends
Wintertide Event Newcastle – Curtesy of EA

The Apex Legends Winter Express is a seasonal event that takes place usually in December or January. Though some of the Wintertide highlights are reflected in the items you can unlock, the emphasis of this event is the game mode it provides along with the wintery feature changes implemented on the map.

In this Apex Legends game mode, three teams battle to board and capture the Winter Express train as it moves across the map from station to station. Since the Winter Express train operates as a control point, players must be boarded in order to capture it.

To win a game on the Apex Legends Winter Express mode, players need to accumulate three points, one per round. To secure a point, players will have to capture the train or eliminate the other two teams. Once a team scores a point, the round ends and a new one begins.

Each round is 90 seconds long and commences once the train stops at a station. Players have 60 seconds to battle, and if there is no clear winner following that minute, a 30 second overtime slot will begin. Should either of the three teams fail to win, the round will end in a draw and a new one begins.

For every round, one team will start on the train while the other two will drop in and skydive their way down. Besides the first round, which has the Champions start on the train, usually the winner of every round will be the ones that start the round on the train. With five different weapon loadouts you can choose from, there’s a good reason why this mode has become such a hit around this time of the year.

Apex Legends: Wintertide Collection Items

Apex Legends
Wintertide Prestige Wraith – Curtesy of EA

Accompanying the fun new game mode, is that of the Wintertide Collection Event items and they are elite. Starting on December 6th, fans have been able to acquire 24 themed limited-time cosmetics that include legendary skins and complimentary weapons for Newcastle, Valkyrie, Bangalore, Crypto, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound.

These 24 items are available for purchase, whether you use Apex Coins or Crafting Materials. In addition, you can also find these items in the Wintertide Event Apex Packs.

If you by any chance unlock all 24 limited-time items during the event, you can acquire Wraith’s Prestige skin known as the ‘Apex Voidshifter’. These Prestige skins get more elaborate the more you use them, offering an additional neat incentive to unlock and equip them.

On top of it all, Apex Legends also included a Reward Tracker that will allow you to earn up to 1,600 Apex Coin per day by completing the challenges that come with it. Moreover, Apex made sure to stack the the Reward Tracker with the Battle Pass, granting fans the opportunity to complete multiple challenges at once.

If you’re interested in really investing in your skin collection, the Store Tab will have plenty of great deals and more for you to explore and purchase.

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