by on Jan 3, 2020

Ape Escape could return in 2020, according to cryptic tweet

Ape Escape might be making a comeback, as a cryptic tweet assures we’ll get “lots of important information” about the classic series soon (via Push Square).

Until New Year’s Day, when this Twitter account rang in the new decade with a jovial tweet showing monkeys clambering over “2020” and promising “lots of important information.” To be transparent, this is a generalised translation through Google Translate, but it seems that SIE Japan Studio might have something in store for the silly simians. Nevertheless, this is not an official confirmation of a new Ape Escape entry for the current or next generation of Sony consoles. Though exciting, we shouldn’t get carried away, especially seeing that the series has been dormant for years. 

Still, it would be awesome, and plenty of players would love to see Specter and the Monkeys make a comeback. Watch this (outer) space.


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