Among Us adds four new Roles and Cosmicubes in latest update

Among Us adds four new Roles and Cosmicubes in latest update
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Among Us developer Innersloth has released a new update for the game, adding some major new features & a new cosmetic system.

The big gameplay feature is the addition of four new roles for the game. They add specific gameplay modifiers that can spice up your regular game. Crewmates get the Scientist, who can access vitals at any time but must complete tasks to recharge their battery. Engineers can use vents, while the Guardian Angel can cast a shield around remaining crewmates. Imposters, on the other hand, get a new Shapeshifter role allowing them to disguise as any other crewmate. All roles are customisable, and any and all can be switched off if you don’t like them.

The other big new feature is an entirely new cosmetic progression system in the addition of Cosmicubes. They offer brand new customisation options in both free and paid for flavours in a branching system. You unlock these branches by earning Pods, a new resource added to the game and granted through gameplay while a Cosmicube is active. They’re not the only new resource, however.

There’s also Beans, earned though normal online gameplay. You’ll get these through not only completing games, but for many actions including completing tasks, correct guesses, kills as impostors and more. That means there’s also XP and levels to earn too, which multiply the number of beans you can earn. Alternatively, there are Stars, a premium currency bought with real-world money.

There’s a bunch more in this update, including account linking, allowing you to transfer cosmetics between platforms and a bunch of brand new achievements. You can read the full rundown on the update on the Among Us website.

Among Us is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch, and will be coming to Xbox and PlayStation on December 14.