Although in development for the PC and Xbox, industry newcomer Lexicon Entertainment will only be publishing the PC version of American McGee's Bad Day: LA. Lexicon claims to have the financial muscle to be a major player and could be on to a winner with Bad Day: LA.

"We are excited about publishing Bad Day: LA, "said Emily Booty, Sales and Marketing Director for Lexicon. "To publish the product within specified territories ensures that we keep to our word in distributing and publishing quality products. We have been looking all over the world for new, innovative products and Bad Day: LA was perfect for us in stamping our mark on the market."

Bad Day: LA is a third-person action/adventure in which you take the role of a homeless man who gave up his job as a Hollywood agent after losing all self respect. The game is from the mind of American McGee (American McGee's Scrapland and American McGee's Alice), and is described as a spoof of disaster films like The Day After Tomorrow. Imagine all the disaster movies you know all thrown together into one insane day, and you have a rough idea of what to expect in Bad Day: LA.

McGee, who happens to be a resident of LA, says the game will capture the vibe of the city. For example, the residents will continue to chat on their mobile phones even when in the midst of a natural disaster.

No firm release date has been set for American McGee's Bad Day: LA, but it should arrive at some point in the last quarter of the year.