If you're anything like us, you were pretty taken aback when Aliens: Colonial Marines showed up in Nintendo's montage of Wii U games.

Earlier today we spoke to the game's producer, Brian Burleson, and we asked him if the team at Gearbox were surprised when Nintendo came knocking on their door.

"We were," he said. "The opportunity there, to be a part of that, how can you pass that up? To be on the ground floor at the launch of a new console, it's just... It's so fun!"

"I think the surprise wore off, and it was just excitement after that," he added.

Clearly most developers would be surprised if Nintendo suddenly showed up on their doorstep with a new console. But beyond this, we wanted to know about the implications behind the news. The Aliens franchise is pretty violent, after all, so does this mean Nintendo is going to take a more adult-focused approach with their new machine?

"That's a really interesting question," said Burleson. "I think Nintendo is going to let us know that before too long.

"Nintendo's goals, all the specifications, we're still just learning about that. We're kind of at the very beginning of this console, and we don't really have all the details. I can't really speak for Nintendo, but I really hope where they're going is what you're talking about."

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