The newly uncovered Aliens: Isolation is heavily inspired by the first Alien movie and will star the daughter of series protagonist Ripley, a source has revealed to Kotaku.

Coming to current and next-gen platforms and developed by SEGA's The Creative Assembly, the game is described as a stealth horror first-person shooter in the style of Dishonored and BioShock.

The game sees Amanda Ripley - who according to the special edition of Aliens died while her mother was frozen in cryosleep - stuck on a space station with a single alien, at least for the most part. The source says that players will spend most their time shooting clones and soldiers, with vents, lockers and melee combat playing a major role.

SEGA is also believed to have delayed the title in order to ensure feedback from Aliens: Colonial Marines feeds into the project so not to make the same mistake twice.

Kotaku says this information is now six months old, but was reconfirmed by the source this week.

Source: Kotaku