Holospark has confirmed that first-person alien invasion romp Earthfall is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this spring. The game is currently available for the PC via Steam Early Access, and will also see a full release on that platform around the same time.

Earthfall will take full advantage of Sony and Microsoft's extra hardware muscle for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, with 4K resolution available on both formats plus High-Dynamic Range (HDR) also supported for compatible devices. 

Set during the midst of an alien invasion, Earthfall sees players teaming up online to vanquish the extraterrestrial threat using cooperative tactics, not to mention some pretty meaty futuristic weaponry. Even if there's not enough people around to play, you'll still be back up by a number of 'robust AI' partners.

In addition, the game throws in a dynamic spawn system so that you never know what bloody-thirsty critter you're going to face. Players will also fend off the alien hordes by employing the use of barricades and turrets to create choke points and lend you a strategic edge in combat. 

'Now it’s time to bring Earthfall to completion, along with making it available to Xbox One and PS4 players. We think players on all three platforms are going to be stunned by the game’s amazing 4K visuals, and will find themselves unable to tear themselves away from the cooperative sci-fi-themed gameplay,' commented Holospark.

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