by on Jun 8, 2018

AIDS Simulator and ISIS Simulator removed from Steam by Valve

Valve has removed a number of controversial titles from Steam including AIDS Simulator and ISIS Simulator.

The move comes following yesterday's outburst on social media after the company announced it was going to 'stop trying to police' content on its digital distribution platform.

This new policy would basically mean that Valve would allow anything on Steam providing it was not deemed illegal or 'straight up trolling.' So, if a particular title didn't come under either of those umbrellas, it would still be allowed onto the platform, even if it was deemed offensive. 

The industry giant listed 'politics, sexuality, racism, gender, violence, identity' into what it labels 'controversial topics,' which would be welcomed with impunity. Valve also failed to elaborate on what constitutes as 'trolling' at the time. 

Unsurprisingly, the announcement didn't go down well with consumers, who objected to the release of some titles on Steam. In response, Valve has now removed a number of controversial games from the service.

In addition to the two mentioned above, Asset Flip Simulator and Triggering Simulator are now no longer available on the platform. Active Shooter has also been filed under 'trolling' and therefore blocked.

'In addition, the developer had been involved in numerous misrepresentations, copyright violations, and customer abuses. There are no second chances for Active Shooter, or its developers. And to be explicit, while the developer behind it was also a troll, we’d reject Active Shooter if it had been submitted by any other developer,' said Valve's Doug Lombardi, during an interview with VentureBeat.


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