Splinter Cell: Blacklist will not abandon the stealth-based gameplay which has made the series such a success, Ubisoft Toronto producer Andy Wilson has promised VideoGamer.com.

Quizzed on the apparent new focus on action, Wilson said: "One of the things that we're building into the game is choice, choice of the way you play. If you want to take the action approach then you can, but you can stealth through the game as well.

"We have multiple paths and ghost paths where you can stealth your way through. We've shown a very small snippet of the game and we're going to be showing a lot more over the coming months where we'll be demonstrating all of those things and the way in which player choice manifests."

But will stealth elements be few and far between?

"Stealth is going to operate in the traditional way you would expect it to. I think people will definitely see that when they see more hands-on time," said Wilson. "We're not just bright daylight in the Middle-East. We've got locations all over the world. There are a tonne of locations that are at night as well, so the traditional night-time gameplay is coming back. It's all in there."

And in response to fans questioning if Blacklist is taking too many influences from the likes of Call of Duty, Wilson concluded: "Splinter Cell is Splinter Cell. It's not Call of Duty and never will be. It's a very separate intention that we've got with this game."

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be released in 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Ubisoft hasn't confirmed its plans for Wii U.


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