A Way Out would like you to meet Vincent and Leo

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The latest game from Swedish developer Hazelight saw a new trailer dropped last night, giving us a little bit more insight into the forthcoming co-op prison break adventure A Way Out.

In it, game director Josef Fares introduces us to the two leads, Vincent and Leo as well as introducing us to some of the gameplay elements we can expect in the full game. As a cool bonus, because the game is a completely co-op only experience, you’ll actually be able to invite a co-op partner to play with without them even having to own their own copy of the game.

All this being said, Fares ended up making the headlines for entirely different reasons when he went into an amazing rant when revealing the video at the Game Awards last night, telling them to ‘F*** the Oscars’ and also simultaneously defending publisher EA while claiming his game ‘doesn’t have any thing with the EA s**t going on with the loot box and stuff…” – Kotaku captured the whole video here and it’s quite spectacular.

The game itself will land on March 23 2018, putting that previously rumoured 2019 slip to bed we reported on a couple of weeks ago. (Although the ‘watch out for controversy’ warning about Fares ended up being quite prescient.) It’ll be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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