Long running racing franchise Test Drive looks set to be making a comeback in a big way this week, as the official Twitter account came back to life to announce a new game will be revealed at this week's Nacon Connect event on July 7.

All we've got to go on at the moment is the below teaser video, which shows an interesting looking logo, but PC Gamer reported back in March that development duties will be taken on by KT Racing - Kylotonn; the studio currently responsible for the WRC (World Rally Championship) series.

The most recent Test Drive game was all the way back in 2012 with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, when the series was in the hands of Atari, and followed from 2011's excellent open world Test Drive Unlimited 2.  The Test Drive name was then picked up by publisher Bigben Interactive back in 2016 who changed their name to Nacon earlier this year.

We'll find out more on July 7 during Nacon Connect, where we'll also hear about the next game from Greedfall developers Spiders

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