A new Saints Row game is in development, announces THQ Nordic

A new Saints Row game is in development, announces THQ Nordic
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THQ Nordic has announced that its studio Volition is in ‘deep development’ of a new Saints Row game, in its first quarter financial report released today.

The publisher has acquired a scattering of new studios, including Gunfire Games. The developer is responsible for the Darksiders series, From Other Suns, and Chronos games, and was a perennial development partner with THQ Nordic. ‘Having worked together on the development of Darksiders, we are confident that becoming part of THQ Nordic is a great next step for Gunfire,’ Gunfire Games CEO David Adams said in a company announcement. ‘I believe that the experience and publishing capabilities of THQ Nordic will be important in supporting our growth journey and enabling us to continue doing what we love – making great games. We are excited to continue working together going forward.’

Milestone is another studio that has been brought into the fold. As the developer and publisher of racing game series MotoGP, it will work with THQ Nordic as an independent entity through publishing and distribution company Koch Media. Milestone CEO Luisa Bixio expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership in the company announcement: ‘As one of the leading companies in the racing games industry, we have assembled an experienced team and a large and growing portfolio of titles that we believe will fit perfectly with, and benefit from, THQ Nordic’s network of development studios and publishing capabilities. We are very happy to become part of THQ Nordic and look forward to continuing our growth journey together.’

 As for Deep Silver, CEO of THQ Nordic Lars Wingefors was pleased to reveal that the publishing label has been very busy with its upcoming projects. Firstly, Volition is ‘deep in development’ of a new Saints Row title. Six entire years have passed since Saints Row 4 was released, so I’m certain fans will be more than a little excited with this announcement. The lead developer of Dead Island 2 will be Dambuster Studios; it seems the the game is creeping ever closer to its launch. Fishlabs, developer of the Galaxy on Fire series, is commandeering work on   new IP and other unannounced projects, probably for mobile platforms. And, Timesplitters creator Steve Ellis has joined Deep Silver to ‘plot the future course for this franchise’ with THQ Nordic.

Along with these announcements, THQ Nordic stated it has been doing pretty nicely. Compared to Q1 2018, net sales increased by 36 per cent to £98 million, and earlier this year, it snapped up Piranha Bytes and Warhorse Studios as well. We will hear more updates on its new projects at Gamescom next week.