A new Automaton enemy could be coming to Helldivers 2 soon

A new Automaton enemy could be coming to Helldivers 2 soon
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War is unpredictable and Arrowhead Game Studios understands this, which leads to many events taking place in Helldivers 2 that come out of left field. From new enemies suddenly appearing in the game without being acknowledged in patch notes, to sudden pivots in the story to keep players on their toes. With the Automatons working behind the scenes to build a strong army of robots, some players have begun to stumble across what the robots may have been working on while our attention was on the Terminids.

U/Lemonz-418 took to Reddit to share a screenshot of a new enemy model that has yet to come to the game as an enemy. This new Automaton was spotted in a decommissioned state while playing a mission, similar to how a large Terminid corpse can be seen in some missions that isn’t an enemy in the game…yet.

A soldier in futuristic armor stands near a large Automaton enemy in a desolate, reddish industrial environment, with mission objectives displayed in the upper left corner.
Image via u/Lemonz-418 on Reddit

Looking at this new Automaton, it looks like a larger Hulk with some Devastator features, and as I’m looking at the image the thought in my head is “Well, this is going to be fun to deal with.” It is unclear just by looking at the enemy whether it will be a special enemy that will be a focus of specific missions, such as the Factory Strider, or a regular enemy you can encounter at lower difficulties.

Looking at the comments on the Reddit posts, many players are already predicting it will be the cause of many deaths in Helldivers 2, with u/ImplicitsAreDoubled saying “Great, even bigger Hulks,” while u/FullMetalMessiah describes it perfectly saying “I’m imagining Hulks falling into vats of protein powder.”

Many users compared it to the Titan in Titanfall, with u/Affectionate_Stage_8 simply stating “Prepare for Titanfall.” U/SchwiftyRickD-42069 believes this is a tease for a future enemy, like the Hive Lord mentioned earlier saying “It’s the same as the Hive Lord molts on bug planets. This is a tease at future enemies.”

It has been around a month or so since the last new enemy came to Helldivers 2, with the latest being the Factory Strider making a return, and before that the flying Shreikers, so to keep the game fresh it is likely that a new enemy or two will be added to the game soon. But, let’s not forget about The Illuminate, who were leaked some time ago but have yet to make an appearance. With the war raging on against the Automatons and Terminids, with both seeming to continuously gain the upper hand as soon as victory seems like it is in sight, I expect The Illuminate to come and kick us while we’re down and least expecting it.

To prepare for this new Hulk-like enemy, or the eventual arrival of The Illuminate, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you and your squad can build the best loadout to serve Liber-tea to all that stands in the way of you and democracy.