Dark Horse, known for being one of the largest indie comics publishers, has announced it's publishing a third massive Zelda book, this time called The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia. Dark Horse has already published two great big glossy books on The Legend of Zelda, Hyrule Historia and Art and Artifacts, and the Encyclopedia will be joining them in April 2018.

Hyrule Historia and Art and Artifacts are both fantastic, and are a great addition to any Zelda fan's bookcase, featuring art and concept art from games spanning the whole series. 

Encyclopedia is set to be no different, and may in fact be something of a deep lore dive, including 'an expansion of the lore touched upon in Hyrule Historia, concept art, screencaps, maps, main characters and how they relate, languages, and much, much more.' 

It'll cost $39.99, so probably around £30 over here. Just think of how good they'll look lined up next to one another, too.

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