The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of future F1 titles will run at 60 frames per second and boast improved physics over the current-gen versions, Codemasters has revealed.

Speaking to Sportra, Codemasters communications manager Andy Gray said that the developer had "hit the peak of where we can go with the current-gen stuff, not only in terms of visuals but obviously physics and everything.

"Having more power, as you say, enables us to do a lot more. Automatically the skip up to 60 frames per second, for example, on next-gen will enable the handling to move on leaps and bounds, because the more frames you have, the more the contact points there are essentially."

The leap to PS4 & Xbox One will also let Codemasters "improve the physics, too", Gray adds.

"We're talking to a couple of teams about sharing their kind of physics data, in terms of the way the car actually handles in their simulators, and we can more or less port that over to consoles, which wouldn't be possible with current-gen.

"Next-gen it becomes more possible, not to the extent that the F1 guys do because they have individual, massive gaming PCs for each tyre, one [PC] for just the air, the way the wind flow works. They have like, 10 PCs per simulator whereas we have one console. But, the more power we have the more we can simulate what it is actually like."

Codemasters has yet to formally announce a next-gen version of F1, but the series is expected to debut on PS4 & Xbox One with next year's F1 2014.

Earlier this week, Codemasters said that it was "cooking up a storm" for the next-gen versions of F1, explaining that the new consoles will let it "enhance the driving and emotional experience for the F1 player".

F1 2013 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next Friday, October 4.


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