Future 3D games may be sold at a premium price, according to EA CEO John Riccitiello. The EA exec was speaking at a breakfast event at E3 yesterday morning, only hours after the publisher showed Crysis 2 running in 3D at its conference.

"3D may well be one of the next and most important drivers for growth. [That's] yet to be seen and I don't think it's a 2010 story in any way, shape or form... in a meaningful way," said Riccitiello.

"But as we move through 2011, 2012, it's likely to be an opportunity both for additional growth and perhaps premium pricing for titles that better support 3D."

Sony is the biggest supporter for 3D gaming, with a host of PS3 titles being confirmed by the platform holder to support the new technology. Topping the list are heavy hitters Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5.


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