An Xbox 360 version of upcoming free PC shooter Battlefield Heroes is unlikely because of Microsoft's control over Xbox 360 LIVE, according to developer DICE.

Speaking to at an EA Games label event in London today, Ben Cousins, executive producer at DICE Studios, said that he didn't believe there would be any point in porting it to the PS3 or Xbox 360 because "Everyone's who's got a 360 or PS3 also will have a PC that can run this game".

Battlefield Heroes, set for a closed, invitation-only beta on May 6, will be a completely free, 250MB download. The game will make money through the sale of customisation options, like new clothes, and through advertising on its website.

When asked if there would be a console version of Battlefield Heroes, Cousins said: "There's a lot of interest about us doing that. People mention it all the time. We really want to focus on the PC at the moment. The great thing about the PC for us is we can control the website, we can control all of the transactions, all of the advertising, we can tailor the service. If we went on 360 we would have to go through the MS process. Every time we added new content it would have to go through all of the MS vetting processes, it would go through their billing system. We really want to control this. There's a small group of guys at the DICE studio in Stockholm and they run it like a start up. They're just Heroes totally focused. So we really like the freedom the PC gives us to control the whole experience."

Cousins added that despite the fact that a console version of Battlefield Heroes is technically possible, DICE wouldn't gain anything from such a move.

"It's possible," he said. "We could port the engine and do it I just don't know what we would gain from it. Everyone's who's got a 360 or PS3 also will have a PC that can run this game. It's got incredibly low system specs. So if they want to play it they can just play it on their PC. We want to try and get people back on their PCs playing games really."

You can check out how Battlefield Heroes is shaping up for yourself over at these brand new screens and trailer.

Battlefield: Heroes is set for PC in the third quarter of 2008.

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