The PlayStation 2 has shipped 150 million units worldwide, Sony has announced.

The milestone comes only a month before the best-selling console of all time reaches its 11th anniversary - the PS2 launched in Japan in March 2000.

If you think 150 million units sounds impressive, try wrapping your head around the 1.52 billion units of PS2 software which have been shipped worldwide as of December 2010.

10,828 games have been created for the platform, with GTA: San Andreas having the honour of being the best-seller with 17.33 million units. Gran Turismo 3 has shipped 14.89 million units, while Gran Turismo 4 is in third place with 10.76 million units.

While the PS2 is certainly in its twilight years in much or Europe, North America and Japan, Sony doesn't expect the platform to go away any time soon. There's demand for the console in Eastern Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and South America.