How to take great photos in ZZZ (Zenless Zone Zero)

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✓ at a glance
  • To take a picture in ZZZ, select the camera on your radial menu.
  • Point at what you want to capture and press X on PS5 to snap the image.
  • You can hide the UI or use the PS5’s capture function as well.

Using your camera is part of a few Commissions and requests in Zenless Zone Zero, so it’s important to learn how to take photos as you make a name for yourself as a Proxy in New Eridu. You can’t use the camera the same way during combats, so you’ll only be using it in the overworld where you run around as Belle or Wise. Let’s get into it, and we’ll give you some tips on how to improve your camera work.

zenless zone zero take photos - a man in a lab coat stands in front of a coffee sign
NPCs will be out and about in New Eridu. Image taken by VideoGamer

How to take photos in ZZZ

To take a picture in ZZZ, open up the shortcut menu while playing as Belle or Wise. If you’re on PS5, you can open the radial menu by holding L1, and you will see an icon of a camera shutter. Select this using your analogue stick and your character will bring out the camera. Point at what you want and press the X button to take the picture.

To hide the UI, you can press Triangle. If you don’t want to use the little Polaroid frame the game gives your images, you can simply hold down the share button on the PS5 controller to take an image that way. There is an in-game tutorial for how to use the camera and you can’t use it until you get to this point in the game. At the moment, there is no way to display your captured images on the Memory Board in your room.

How to take a better picture

You can’t mess with any of the settings while in photo mode, nor can you take any pictures using the camera while in combat unless you use the print screen button on your PC or the share/capture button on your PS5. As such, you can only get the most out of your camera in the daily life sections where you run around New Eridu and other neighbourhoods.

While you can’t actively mess with certain settings or turn the camera to face your character, you can do a few things to try and get a better picture if that’s something you’re interested in. For commissions and other requests, any picture you take can be extremely bland and doesn’t need any special attention. Use these tips if you want to better capture the beautiful graphics and scenes of ZZZ.

zenless zone zero how to take photos - an image of a street with bright lights
Changing the time of day can get you a better image. Image taken by VideoGamer

Change the time of day

When you reach a certain point in the game, you will learn about the daily life cycle that changes the time of day after doing some activities. You can actively change the time of day once per in-game day. For the most drastic change in scenery, we recommend changing the time of day from afternoon to night time, or to midnight, depending on what you want to take a picture of. The bright and busy streets will be desolate and creepy in the evening. Likewise, NPCs will be out and about in the daytime if you want to snap a pic of them.

Lower the Color Filter strength setting

In the game’s settings, there is an option to change the Color Filter strength. This setting actually drastically changes how the game looks and can lead to better images. By default, the color filter is set to 10 and you’ll notice that it can blur the background a bit or make things hazy. Generally speaking, it seems that reducing the colour filter setting will make the game display more sharper, which might be to your liking. Here is a gallery showing the setting at 0 in the first image and at 10 in the second, notice the brick wall colour. We think it looks better with lower colour filter.

Wait for the right moment

In your quest to take a beautiful picture, it’s important to note that characters in the world have idle animations. Some of these are really fun and unique, such as Howl at the newsstand leaning forward to take a sip of water from the comically large bottle slapped onto the stall. Likewise, the Bangboo in the back room of Random Play will fall off the box it is resting on. These are just a few we’ve noticed, but there are sure to be more to discover.

how to take photos zzz - a dog inside a newsstand drinks water
Howl will poke his head out to take a drink. Image taken by VideoGamer

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