World of Warcraft How To Find Black Market Auction House in Dragonflight

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Dragonflight has got fans raving about the fun new content the update’s brought along with itself in World of Warcraft. One such thing which Dragonflight has introduced is the Black Market Auction, which is a way for players to get some rare items in the game. 

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However, with the auction house being pretty discrete, many players are left scouring the Walking Shores for a way to get into the auction. Well, with this short guide, we’ll be explaining to you just how you can locate the Black Market Auction House in Dragonflight! 

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What Is The Black Market Auction House?

The Black Market Auction House in Dragonflight allows you to get special items that are not easy to obtain and are not normally sold by NPCs. Players enter this house to engage in bid wars for rare items in the game that are not easily obtainable. Moreover, unlike the regular Auction House, this one has its items listed by NPCs rather than other online players. 

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Where To Find Black Market Auction House In Dragonflight 

There are two locations where you can access the Black Market Auction House for a chance to get rare items like Tier 3 armor or Nether Rockets. These locations are pretty hidden unless you know exactly where to find them. 

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Petitioner’s Concourse — Thaldrszus

The Petitioner’s Concourse, just west of Valdrakken in Thaldraszus, is the main location for the Black Market Auction House. To get to this location, you must travel to Valdrakken and head into Little Scales Daycare at 10.57.51. From there, you will need to jump down and will find yourself at the entrance of the Black Market Auction House.

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No need to be alarmed when you see Dracthyr guardian at the front door. Just walk past them and interact with Madam Goya to view and bid in the auction.

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Obsidian Bulwark — Waking Shores

Obsidian Bulwark in the Waking Shores is another location where you’ll find the Black Market Auction House. However, this isn’t the main location; thus, you will only be able to view different items in the auction. To get to this location, take the flight point to Obsidian Bulwark and head towards the Steelsage Gao at 43.08 67.43. Interact with the Steelsage Gao to view items in the black market.

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With that said, once you reach it, you’ll find out that you can’t bid on any item. So when you’re done viewing the list of auctions, you’ll need to head over to the Auction House in Thaldrszus to place a bid. Nevertheless, it’s still a great way to scan what’s up on auction before you start your adventure to Thaldrszus. 

Note: Numbers like “43.08 67.43” are actually coordinates that you can utilize to reach the area on the map. 

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Final Thoughts

The Black Market Auction House is one of the best places to get your hands on some rare items in the game. However, it should be a secondary source of such items as they appear once in a blue moon and are only available for a single day. With that said, we hope you enjoyed our short guide on how to find the Black Market Auction Houses in Dragonflight. Let us know what other content we should upload next! 

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