What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft

What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft
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Pigs are cute!  But in order to lure them to your base, feed them, or even breed them for more pigs, do you actually know what do pigs eat in Minecraft?

What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft

Just like in real life, pigs in Minecraft are gobble animals, which means they tend to eat potatoes, carrots, and beetroots. You can use the food to lure and breed the pigs. In addition, a carrot on a stick can be used to lure the pigs, but can’t be fed to them.

You can find pigs in most Minecraft biomes, except in snowy, wooded badlands, and meadows. And you can easily recognize them among the terrain due to their pinky texture. With that being said, let’s see how to find food for your pigs!

#1 Find Potatoes

The most efficient way to find potatoes in Minecraft is to look for villages. They usually spawn with 2-4 farm plots with a lot of potatoes. Sometimes, you can harvest up to a few stacks if the crops are fully grown.

Zombies, zombie villagers, and husks have a 2.5% chance to drop only 1 potato on death. But if you have a zombie spawner, try to make a farm and you can get a potato really quick! Then you can make a farm to obtain more potatoes, rather than keep farming the zombies.

Potatoes can also be found in chests spawn in villages, pillager outposts, and shipwrecks. So if you don’t have a zombie farm, try to look for those! The easiest structure to find and loot is a shipwreck.

#2 Find Carrots

Carrots have the same spawn chance as potatoes in the village structure. So if you’re lucky enough, you can harvest a lot of natural carrots in the villager’s farmland.

Just like potatoes, carrots can be obtained by killing the zombie-type mobs and looting chests. However, you can only find carrots in pillager outposts and shipwrecks.

#3 Find Beetroots

Finally, beetroots actually have another usage besides crafting red dye! You can find them in the farmland inside of the villages also. So as long as you can find a village in Minecraft, feeding your pigs will not be a problem anymore!

And that’s all about what pigs eat in Minecraft!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pigs eat hay in Minecraft?

No, pigs don’t eat hay in Minecraft. They only eat 3 things: potatoes, carrots, and beetroots.

How do I feed pigs in Minecraft?

To feed pigs in Minecraft, you need to put the required food in your hot bar slots, then choose it and right-click on the pigs to feed them.