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Best Valorant Crosshairs and Codes list (February 2023)

Valorant Crosshair Codes
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Looking for the best Valorant Crosshair Codes? When it comes to FPS games that require precise aim such as Valorant, the right crosshair settings are vital if you want to consistently win games.

That is why many Valorant enthusiasts are always on the lookout to try out different crosshairs in order to find the one that suits them the most.

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Let’s dive into this article and explore some of the most popular Valorant Crosshair Codes you can try out that have been used by the best of the best. 

Best Valorant Crosshair Codes

With the introduction of crosshair codes and profiles, sharing crosshair settings has never been easier – and can be done by accessing the in-game settings. Now anyone can share their crosshair with others without having to tediously tweak every single setting.


Due to the said provision, we can try out many different crosshair codes used by some of the best and most well-known players. To use them, you need to simply need to paste the codes into your crosshair profile.

These codes change everything from outer line thickness, and outer line opacity to center dot thickness and inner line thickness. When selecting the right crosshair for you, it’s important to consider the following elements:

  • outline opacity
  • center dot opacity
  • outline thickness
  • outer lines
  • inner line opacity
  • inner line length
  • inner line offset

You may also want to change the Valorant crosshair’s colour. This is simple to do, simply head to the crosshair subheading in settings, then click primary and custom. From here you can enter colour codes.

Valorant Crosshair Settings Of Pro Players

The “perfect” crosshair is a very subjective matter as it usually depends on a player’s preference. That is why it is pretty normal for players to try out different crosshairs to find the one that is best suited to them.

Here are some of the crosshair settings employed by one of the best players of Valorant that you can try out. Of course, we will be updating this often to give you as many options as possible.


One of the most expensive and fan favorite Valorant players in the world, TenZ has won multiple tournaments with Sentinels including VCT Stage 1 Masters (2021) and Master Reykjavík. He is no doubt one of the best players in the world. 

Although you can find TenZ using multiple crosshair profiles on his Twitch stream, the tried and tested crosshair he uses in tournaments is as follows:



Just like TenZ, Asuna is one of the best duelist players, especially in the renowned NA region. The only original surviving member of 100 Thieves, Asuna has represented 100T at many international stages like VCT Masters Berlin, and Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul at the meager age of 18. His most popular crosshair code is given below:



The king of the APAC region, f0rsakeN is one of the most fun players to watch.

He has been to various international events and is liked by everyone, fans and pro players alike, due to his performance and personality. His crosshair code is given below.



Known for his crazy Raze plays, Jinggg is a Singaporean player. Due to his impressive performances, he has led his team to 2nd place in VCT Masters Copenhagen.

Jinggg and f0rsakeN are known as the dynamic duo reigning APAC region. His crosshair is shown below.



Perhaps the best player in the world right now, yay has been given the nickname “El Diablo” because of his incredibly consistent aim.

He has led his previous team OpTic Gaming to many victories at international events. His most used crosshair is shown below:



The Finnish-Russian player, Derke mainly plays as a duelist in the EU region. He has been to multiple international stages with his team due to his consistent performance.

He prefers a simple dot as his crosshair.



nAts rose to fame after his phenomenal lurk plays during the VCT Masters Berlin. He led his team to a flawless victory in Masters Berlin grand finale single-handedly.

He prefers a basic green crosshair given below:



Hailing from Indonesia, mindfreak is regarded as the best Controller player in APAC region, and one of the best in the world.

He also uses a pretty basic green crosshair which is given below.



The one and only “Headshot Machine”, ScreaM was known for his one taps even back in his CSGO days. Currently, he continues to dominate the EU Valorant scene, terrorizing people with his incredibly accurate aim. He prefers using a single dot as his crosshair because all he needs is a single bullet to get a frag.



The prodigy from Turkey, cNed is the star player for EU team Acend who led them to victory in Valorant Champions 2021 Tournament. He uses a simple white crosshair that is shown below.


Other Noteworthy Crosshair Codes

Now that you know about the crosshair settings that some of the best pros all over the world are using, how about some incredible and fun crosshairs not used by pros?

Some of these are not much practical in an actual match, but if you are having a banger game sometime, switching to a rather unconventional crosshair can be a recipe for some incredibly funny clips. 

Find some pretty unique crosshair codes below.

Crosshair CodePicture

We hope you have found the crosshair settings that suit you the best. If not, give them all a shot and you’ll definitely find some that stick out the most to you.

We will keep updating these crosshair codes as new and better ones emerge. Make sure to share your unique and stylistic crosshair codes with others in the comments.

Best Valorant Crosshairs and Codes FAQ

How do I use Valorant crosshair codes?

It’s very simple. All you need to do is open up crosshair settings in the menu and click import profile. Then, just paste in your code.

What is the perfect crosshair in Valorant?

There is no such thing – it’s all down to personal preference. Many will opt for TenZ’s tried-and-tested crosshair, which we detail in this article.


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