Does Total War Pharaoh have multiplayer?

Does Total War Pharaoh have multiplayer?
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Curious about Total War Pharaoh multiplayer? Multiplayer is a mainstay in many different strategy game franchises, allowing the ultimate test of your tactical and strategic skill as you face off against other players. While Creative Assembly’s Total War series is no different, does it hold true for their latest entry into the series?

Here, we’re going to go over the status of Total War Pharaoh multiplayer, and outline how multiplayer may work in the game. Make sure you’re up to date with the other important setup mechanics of the game, like how to start a campaign, and how to win battles.

Does Total War Pharaoh have multiplayer?

Yes, Total War Pharaoh does have multiplayer. Like its predecessors, you’ll be able to play with friends and strangers alike in this strategy title. You’ve got a few different ways to go about multiplayer, but both the main multiplayer menu and multiplayer battle menu are available as buttons on the main home screen for the game.

Does Total War Pharaoh have multiplayer: AI players take their turns after a player ends their turn.

How does multiplayer work in Total War Pharaoh?

In Total War Pharaoh you’ve got a couple of different approaches available to you where multiplayer play is concerned. You can play either:

  • A multiplayer battle – This is a single battle where all players will participate in one large real-time skirmish to vie for supremacy.
  • A Multiplayer campaign – This is a full-blown campaign, where all players will participate in all aspects of the game. Battles can be set to auto-resolve in this mode, speeding up play significantly.

In multiplayer battles, you’ll be able to select a variety of features to customise the experience, including map type, weather forecast, and whether to play as teams or play it as a battle royale.

In multiplayer campaigns, you can play both against and with each other. If you all want to fight for the crowns and claim victory, that’s an option, but there’s also a multiplayer co-op mode to try out for friendlier play.

Does Total War Pharaoh have multiplayer: The main multiplayer campaign menu.

How to get into a multiplayer game.

You’ve got two main options for playing Total War Pharaoh multiplayer. First, you can host a game. The game will be run from and saved on your machine. You’ll be in charge of the setup for the game, whether its a battle or a campaign.

Your next option is to join an ongoing game. You can do this in a full online capacity or through a local network if all players are connected to the same broadband. You’ll have a server list as standard, and be able to filter the list or search for a game name directly. Of course, if it’s a private game, you may need to enter a password to join. You can also select the “Join With Code” button at the bottom of the menu and join with a unique game code. Lastly you may just be able to join through the platform you’re playing on, such as joining through Steam.

That covers Total War Pharaoh multiplayer. Be sure to check out our Total War Pharaoh review to learn some extra insight into the game’s inner workings, or check out our tips and tricks guide for a general overview of the game’s features and how to manage them all.