What is the max level in The First Descendant?

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✓ At a glance
  • The max level for Descendants is 40. Earn XP by clearing missions and bosses.
  • The max mastery rank is 30. It can be earned by finishing quests for the first time and improving weapon proficiency.
  • Weapons have a max level of 100 and depend on your character’s level when you find them.
  • The max weapon proficiency level is 40 and is earned by using a specific weapon.
  • Modules and reactors can be enhanced to a max level of 10 and 2 respectively.

Like most looter shooters, The First Descendant rewards diligent players with experience for clearing missions, taking out bosses, and progressing in the campaign. Levelling up is a staple mechanic across multiple genres, granting you enhanced skills and gear based on how far you progress in the game. Nexon’s new shooter has multiple level caps for players to work towards. Here’s what you need to know about the max level in-game and what counts as progress towards it.

A player checks out his level in The First Descendant.
Here’s where you can see your level, mastery rank, and weapon level. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Max level explained

Descendants can reach a max level of 40. You can check your current level in the Inventory by pressing ‘Esc’ on a PC or the start button on a controller. Each of your characters level up separately so if you unlock Bunny and start her quest chain, this won’t affect the others in your account. Your Descendants level up as they defeat enemies and bosses in combat and progress through missions. This will enhance their abilities and let you unleash them with more potent effects. Simply play the game and you’ll see your XP bar fill up. We’ve got a comprehensive XP farm guide that will let you hit this level cap faster. Here’s a list of all the level caps in the game:

LevelMax value
Max Descendant level40
Max mastery rank30
Max weapon level100
Max weapon proficiency40
Max module level10
Max reactor level2
A player checks their Mastery Rank in The First Descendant.
Mastery Rank grants you several bonuses. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Max Mastery Rank

Unlike the max character level, your account-wide max mastery rank is 30. As you increase this level, all your characters get more module slots for weapons and Descendants. You also get a larger inventory of consumables and equipment. Play quests for the first time, work on Weapon Proficiency, and level up Descendants without using sockets in your module slot to raise your Mastery Rank.

It’ll take longer to level this up compared to your Descendants though. Instead of automatically levelling up, you need to head to the Prime Hands near the starting area of Albion to do so. Head left from the fast travel point and you’ll run into them. Transfer your experience into it and you’ll see a small cutscene that shows off your enhanced Descendant.

A player checks their Thunder Cage weapon's level in The First Descendant.
Here’s where you can see your weapon level. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Max weapon level

Unlike characters and your Mastery Rank, weapons can reach a max level of 100. So if you’re wondering how you can take on level 100 enemies with a max character level of 40, here’s how. By getting better weapons via random drops or researching them at Magister Anais, you can slowly get higher-level gear. And if you get a gun whose feel or stats are pretty solid, you can raise its level at a workbench via Weapon Level Transmission. You can also enhance these guns with modules. And remember that this isn’t the same as weapon proficiency.

Max weapon proficiency level

Use a particular type of firearm to increase your weapon proficiency level. You can reach a max weapon proficiency level of 40 with any weapon. They signify that you get better in combat as you consistently use the same gun. So even if you discard a Last Knight shotgun and get a new one, your proficiency level will remain unchanged.

A player checks a module's level in The First Descendant.
Check the yellow bars on a module to determine its level. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Max module level

Modules can be enhanced to a maximum of level 10. This is indicated by the yellow bars on the module. Upgrade them with Kuiper Shards at Silion’s post in Albion. Note that this is limited based on your Mastery Rank. Your max module capacity is also enhanced by raising this level. So focus on Mastery Rank if you want to equip the best modules on your ultimate weapons and Descendants.

Max reactor level

Reactors can be enhanced to a maximum level of 2. You can do so at a workbench with Ion Accelerators. We recommend doing this only at high levels as you’ll get more benefits from simply switching to a higher-level Reactor in the early game.

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