How to get Metal Accelerants in The First Descendant and where to farm them

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  • Metal Accelerants can be found in Resource and Munition Boxes in the Sterile Land region.
  • This resource is mainly used to research parts to unlock new characters and weapons.

Every character in The First Descendant can be unlocked through research and further upgraded as you level up their levels and masteries. But as you can expect, this will take a lot of time and grinding. Getting the right materials and resources can be a daunting task. Knowing where and how to get them can speed up the process. Metal Accelerants are one of the materials used between several characters in the game, so farming them up is a good idea.

How to get Metal Accelerants in The First Descendant

You can find Metal Accelerants in Munition and Resource Boxes found in the Sterile Land region. These boxes can spawn across the whole region and at any difficulty level, so pay attention to the area while exploring. You can usually find them next to walls and crates dotting the region. 

Image of character Bunny in The First Descendant in front of a resource box in the Sterile Land region.
Check your surroundings for Resource Boxes. Captured by VideoGamer

When you see them, simply destroy the Resource box with a single bullet and run over the loot, or interact with the Munition box to do the same. Just bear in mind that they’re not guaranteed to drop Metal Accelerants every time. Each box drops a random amount of around 20 Metal Accelerants.

Best way to farm Metal Accelerants

The great thing about the Sterile Land region is that it’s circular in its layout. That makes farming Metal Accelerants fairly easy. Pick a direction and hug the wall, running along the route and stopping to pick up every Resource and Munition box along the way. 

Image of the map of the region Sterile Land in The First Descendant.
The region’s contour makes it easy to plan a farm route. Captured by VideoGamer

It takes around 10-15 minutes to run a full circle around the region if you focus only on resources. Depending on your luck with drops, this can net you between 100-250 Metal Accelerants, and possibly even more.

What are Metal Accelerants used for?

Metal Accelerants are a resource used with others to get character acquisition items and weapon improvements. You will mainly use them to get items to craft new characters. Both options can be found in Research through Anais in Albion. Here’s everything you can research that requires Metal Accelerants:

Research itemMetal Accelerants needed
Gley Stabilizer519
Lepic Spiral Catalyst519
Ultimate Lepic Crystal Catalyst1168
Valby Spiral Catalyst519
Kyle Stabilizer519
Ultimate Gley Enhanced Cells1168
Smithereens Synthetic Fiber130
Blue Beetle Nano Tube130
The Final Masterpiece Polymer Syncytium130
Nazeistra’s Devotion Synthetic Fiber130
Perforator Nano Tube130
Enduring Legacy Nano Tube130
Albion Cavalry Gun Polymer Syncytium130
Piercing Light Polymer Syncytium130

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