How to get Code Analyzers in The First Descendant and how to use them

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✓ At a glance
  • There are three types of Code Analyzers in The First Descendant – Code Analyzer, Precision Code Analyzer, and Ultra-Precision Code Analyzer.
  • Code Analyzers can drop from any mission enemy, with a low drop rate.
  • They are used to open Encrypted Vaults by completing an unlocking mini-game.

If you’ve explored the outside areas of the world in The First Descendant, you might have come across Encrypted Vaults. These vaults seem to be inaccessible at first and it will take you some grinding to get what you need to unlock them. That’s where Code Analyzers of any kind come into play. These rare items can get you inside the vaults and let you loot their riches. But how do you get your hands on them? We’re here to explain.

Image of the Ultra-Precision Code Analyzer in the Inventory screen of The First Descendant.
Code Analyzers are a fairly rare drop. Captured by VideoGamer

How to get Code Analyzers?

All three types of Code Analyzers are random drops from mission enemies. That means that running missions where you get to fight large numbers of mobs will be your best bet to get your hands on them. There are three types of Code Analyzers:

  • Code Analyzer
  • Precision Code Analyzer
  • Ultra-Precision Code Analyzer

They are very rare drops, so prepare to grind through scores of enemies before you get one to drop. That means that farming them can’t be guaranteed, but we have a few suggestions.

Image of the Sterile Land region in The First Descendant with an arrow pointing at Large Nuclear Reactor mission.
Run the Large Nuclear Reactor mission to fight against hordes of enemies. Captured by Videogamer

Best ways to farm Code Analyzers

As mentioned, all types of Code Analyzers can drop from mission monsters as rare loot. That makes missions with a good density of enemies the best way to farm for them. Pick a character and build that’s good at clearing enemies quickly, like Bunny, and you can start farming. Here are a few mission suggestions:

  • Large Nuclear Reactor – Normal mission in Classified Area, Sterile Land
  • Anticipated Ambush Point – Battlefield mission in Rockfall, Sterile Land
  • Baggage Transport Base – Battlefield mission in Vermillion Waste, Agna Desert
  • Border Line of Truth – Battlefield mission in The Mountaintops, White-night Gulch

Code Analyzer types and how to use them

There are three kinds of Code Analyzers that you can get in The First Descendant:

ItemRarityWhere to get
Code AnalyzerStandardMission monsters on any difficulty
Precision Code AnalyzerStandardMission monsters on any difficulty
Ultra-Precision Code AnalyzerRareMission monsters on any difficulty

They all serve the same function – opening the Encrypted Vault. The difference is in how easy they can make the vault-opening mini-game. The mini-game to open the vaults presents you with a hollow circle with a spot filled in. You have to quick-time press at the filled-in spot to successfully open the vault. Failing that will waste the hard-to-get analyzer. 

As their name suggests, the more precise the analyzer, the more difficult it is to beat the mini-game. That’s measured by the size of the area you have to press to succeed, with the Ultra-Precision Code Analyzer having the smallest area, so you have to be very precise when using it.

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