Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race – how to win the Mushroom Derby

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The Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race on Yo’ster Isle is one of the many mini games found around the game world, and while it seems fairly simple at first, it can be pretty tough to get the hang of. Once you factor in that you can win some coins in this mini game, you’ll want to know exactly how to win every time, so we’re here to help you out.

Have a look at our Super Mario RPG review to see what we made of Nintendo’s latest remake. And if you’re struggling to get to grips with some of the new mechanics, take a look at our Super Mario RPG tips and tricks for some essential advice. With that, let’s get into how to win the Yoshi Race in the Super Mario RPG remake.

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race: Mario riding Yoshi at Yo'ster Isle
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How to start the Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG

The Yoshi Race is available on Yo’ster Isle once you’ve beaten Bowyer and received the second Star Piece. Head left of Rose Town and proceed through Pipe Vault to reach Yo’ster Isle on the other side.

To start the race, you need to get some Cookies for Boshi, the blue Yoshi and current champion of the Mushroom Derby. Ride your green Yoshi, found in the bottom corner of the area, and go talk to the other Yoshis around the area to receive some Cookies. Focus on the red Yoshis as they generally give you the most.

Once you’ve got the Cookies, head back to Boshi and you can wager your Cookies to have a race with him. Once he accepts the deal, the race can begin. If you lose, you’ll have to get all the Cookies again, so it might be worth saving just before you talk to Boshi to save time.

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race: Running the Yoshi Race against Boshi
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How to win the Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG

The controls for the Yoshi Race are fairly simple – just hit A and B alternately and in time with the rhythm. During the race, a cymbal will sound, which you just need to hit the correct button in time with. In the bottom right corner, there’s a small indicator of which button to press. Simply press the button when it fills the circle and in time with the cymbals.

Our number one tip is to just ignore the Cookies. You’re told that you can use them during the race for a quick speed boost, but honestly this only serves to help you lose your rhythm. If you keep practising and focus on getting your timings right, you’ll beat boss Boshi with no problem. If you absolutely must use Yoshi Cookies, we’d only recommend using them at the end of the race as a last resort to get over the finish line.

Save your game before taking him on, and just practise a few times, and once you get the hang of things, you’ll find that it’s not that hard to win at all.

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race rewards

The rewards you get from the Yoshi Race are Yoshi Cookies. The amount you receive as the winner depends on how many you wagered. So for example, if you wager 10 Cookies at odds of 2:1, you’ll win 20 Cookies – your original 10 Cookies, plus another 10 in profit. Naturally, if you lose, you will simply lose your wagered Cookies and receive nothing in return.

Fat Yoshi rewards

Once you’ve saved up 21 Yoshi Cookies, you can feed them to the little Yoshi sitting in a nest of eggs nearby, to turn them into a Fat Yoshi. This will open up a rewards shop where you can receive certain rewards depending on the number of Cookies you give to them after. Don’t go over this number of Yoshi Cookies as you won’t get anything from it. Here are all of the rewards you can get from the Fat Yoshi:

  • Give 30 Yoshi Cookies – Frog Coin
  • Give 10 Yoshi Cookies simultaneously – Red Essence/Yoshi-Ade/Energizer/Bracer
  • Give 20 Yoshi Cookies simultaneously – Red Essence
  • Every 50 Yoshi Cookies after giving 30 total Yoshi Cookies – Frog Coin

Hopefully that helps you beat Boshi in the Yoshi Race. If you’re after some more help, check out our guide to the Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle to help compose some tunes. And if you were wondering is Super Mario RPG remake the same as Super Mario RPG, we’ve got you covered.

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race FAQs

What are the rewards from the Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG?

The rewards for winning the Yoshi Race are Yoshi Cookies, which can be spent to buy items.

How do you win the Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG?

To win the race, practise the timings of the button presses, and focus on the rhythm, trying to avoid using the Cookies as they will put off your timing.

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