Super Mario RPG what to level up – how to level up fast and best level up stats

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On every Super Mario RPG level up, you get the chance to put a little extra into one of your characters’ stats. But depending on who you’re using and what stage you’re at in the game, you might be wondering what the best strategy to level up is and where to put those additional stats. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips to help make sure you’re upgrading the right stats.

Check out our Super Mario RPG review to see how this remake fares on the Nintendo Switch. And if you’re just getting started, check out some of our Super Mario RPG tips and tricks for eight great pieces of advice. For now though, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Super Mario RPG level ups.

Super Mario RPG what to level up: The level up screen showing Bowser's stats.
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How to level up fast in Super Mario RPG

To level up fast, you simply want to defeat as many enemies as possible. Head to the most recent area you’ve visited in the story, as this will have the strongest enemies to fight, and therefore more XP on offer.

Alongside Mario, put your two strongest characters in (likely to be Geno and Bowser), and make sure to time all your button presses so that you deal as much damage as possible to all the enemies. If you fill your gauge, save your Triple Attack for the start of a fight, so you can finish off the whole enemy team in one go.

Alex’s Advice

If you’re not confident in timing your button presses, using special attacks that hit multiple people can be a good way of quickly defeating groups of enemies.

If you haven’t yet, check out some of the shops in nearby towns to see if they have any weapon upgrades you can use. These will increase your Attack. A higher Attack means faster kills and faster EXP. Faster EXP means more stats and more level up stat bonuses, meaning faster kills and so on.

What stats to level up in Super Mario RPG

Every time you level up a party member, all of that character’s stats will receive a fairly big boost, but you’ll also get the chance to give level up bonus stats on top of that. Before we get into it, we wouldn’t recommend spreading your stats. This is because each character specialises in a certain stat, and upgrading the other stat would give you less benefit.

For example, Mario mostly uses Physical attacks, and so you would want to focus on using your level up bonuses on his Physical stats every time he levels up. On the other hand, Peach specialises in Magic instead of Physical, so she would benefit from upgrades to her Magic Attack stat and Magic Defense stat. Here are the best stats to focus on for each character:

  • Mario – Physical
  • Mallow – Magic
  • Geno – Physical
  • Bowser – Physical
  • Peach – Magic

Be aware that all of the characters’ normal attacks use the Physical stat, so if you want to make sure you’re dealing high damage with those attacks, you’ll want to put your level up stats into

Should you level up HP in Super Mario RPG?

This is up to personal preference, but we would recommend avoiding upgrading HP in Super Mario RPG. Each time you level up, you get a decent upgrade to your HP stat, and we found that this was usually enough to keep you going throughout the game. 

If you’re struggling with a boss, the increase to your Attack and Defense from upgrading either Physical or Magic will help you significantly more over time than increasing your HP by five points.

That’s everything you need to know about what to level up in Super Mario RPG. Check out our Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race guide for some tips on how to beat Boshi. And if you’re struggling with the Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle, we’ve got a guide on how to compose every song.

Super Mario RPG what to level up FAQs

What is the best stat to level up in Super Mario RPG?

Depending on the character, you should upgrade either Physical or Magic, and avoid upgrading HP.

Should you level up HP in Super Mario RPG?

Unless you specifically feel like you need it, try to avoid upgrading HP in Super Mario RPG.

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