Does Super Mario RPG have a new game plus mode?

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We all want to get our money’s worth out of our games, so a Super Mario RPG new game plus in its Nintendo Switch remake might be a deal-breaker for you. Having the option to replay a game with new challenges and content adds a whole new level to it, and one which can even make the game better a second time around. So we’re here to tell you whether you can expect one from Super Mario RPG.

Have a read of our Super Mario RPG review for all our thoughts on the latest Mario remake to hit the Switch. And if you’re after some Super Mario RPG tips and tricks, we’ve got eight great pieces of advice to help you out on your adventure. With that, let’s take a look at whether or not Super Mario RPG has a new game plus.

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Does Super Mario RPG have a new game plus?

No, there is no new game plus mode in the Super Mario RPG remake. Once you’ve defeated the Smithy Gang and saved the Star Road, the credits will roll, and you’ll be given the option to create a new ‘Cleared’ save. This lets you create a new save file that starts from after the point you defeat the final boss, but is not a NG+ in itself.

This features some rematches with post-game bosses, with more difficult versions of each boss fight from the base game, as well as giving you the chance to take on a brand-new boss on top of that. This can be a great way of getting more out of the game, while also continuing to challenge you so that you don’t find yourself getting too bored of it.

Alex’ Advice

To get Mario’s best gear, you’ll need to complete a specific task for an NPC in Monstro Town. You need to chain your Super Jump special attack 30 times for one reward, and 100 times for the second.

Aside from that, you’ll largely be taking on mini games, finding collectibles you missed out on, and filling your Monster Log. For completionists, there’s a fair amount of content, but certainly nothing on the same level as a new game plus.

Will Super Mario RPG ever have new game plus?

We think it’s fairly unlikely that a NG+ mode will ever make its way into the Super Mario RPG remake. Nintendo generally are not the kind of company that makes major additions to games like these after the initial launch, and we figure that if there isn’t a new game plus in there from launch, we probably won’t ever get one later down the line.

When it comes to levelling up, you’ll want to know where to allocate your stat boosts, so check out our Super Mario RPG what to level up guide for some tips. And if you’re wondering how long is the Super Mario RPG remake, we’ve got a guide for that too.

Super Mario RPG new game plus FAQs

Does the Super Mario RPG remake have new content?

The Super Mario RPG remake features new combat mechanics, quality-of-life changes, and some new post-game content.

Is Luigi in the Super Mario RPG remake?

No, Luigi does not feature at all in Super Mario RPG.

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