Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle – all Melody Bay tadpole songs

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The Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle has you jumping on musical tadpoles to create songs and solve musical puzzles for esteemed composer Toadofsky. Knowing which songs you’re supposed to compose can be hard enough, but working out the specific notes is even harder, so we’re here to help out.

We’ve played plenty of the game for our Super Mario RPG review, so we’ve had the chance to complete all the Melody Bay puzzles already. If you never played the original on the SNES and are interested in the Nintendo Switch version, check out is the Super Mario RPG remake the same as Super Mario RPG. With that, let’s take a look at the Super Mario RPG Melody Bay songs and how to complete each puzzle.

Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle: Mario talking to Toadofsky at Melody Bay.
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Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzles solutions

Once you reach Tadpole Pond, you can head down a path to the right where you’ll reach Melody Bay, a small area where you’ll find Toadofsky. By standing on a small stone at the bottom of the water, tadpoles will begin to appear. By jumping on each tadpole, you’ll set them to play a certain note, and by composing specific songs, you’ll unlock rewards from Toadofsky.

The lines on the water denote a music sheet, with the musical notes from left to right going: Mi Re Do Ti La So Fa, but you don’t actually need to know them to complete the puzzles. The rewards you get from this activity increase the number of items you can buy from the Juice Bar in Tadpole Pond.

Alex’s Advice

The tadpoles will go back and forth between the lines until you jump, so feel free to take your time with it before jumping, as if you put a tadpole in the wrong place, you’ll have to start over from scratch.

While the first song can be completed as soon as you reach Tadpole Pond, the others can only be done after certain points in the story have been completed. If you’ve already completed the requisite parts for each song, you can simply fast travel to Tadpole Pond after each song to reset Toadofsky.

Here are all the Melody Bay tadpole songs, how to create them, and the rewards you get from each song:

First Melody Bay song – Frog Sage’s Suite No.18

The first of the Melody Bay songs, Frog Sage’s Suite (or Frogfucius’ Suite if you prefer) can be completed as soon as you arrive in Tadpole Pond for the first time. You can find out what notes you need to play from a tadpole nearby in Tadpole Pond, but for simplicity, check out the picture below to see the correct arrangement of the tadpoles. For completing the first song, you’ll receive an Alto Card, granting you the first tier of membership to the Juice Bar, and unlocking the ability to purchase Frogleg Cola.

Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle: The tadpoles arranged to play the first Melody Bay song.
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Second Melody Bay song – Mole Mountain Blues

This song is unlocked after rescuing the two mole children Dyna and Mite from the Moleville Mines, and receiving the third Star Piece. Head back to Melody Bay, and arrange the tadpoles according to the picture below. Completing this will unlock the Tenor Card, unlocking the next tier of membership to the Juice Bar, letting you buy Finless Cola.

Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle: The tadpoles arranged to play the second Melody Bay song.
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Third Melody Bay song – Monstro Town Melody

Once you’ve reached Monstro Town, head into Monstermama’s house, the first house nearest to the entrance to the town and talk to the mayor. Once you’ve done that, head upstairs and talk to the pink starfish NPC on the shelf who will play you the third and final song.

Head back to Melody Bay and arrange the tadpoles like they are in the picture below. After this, Toadofsky will ask you to help complete the song by composing your own piece. This doesn’t need to be anything specific, so just place the tadpoles wherever you want.

Super Mario RPG Melody Bay puzzle: The tadpoles arranged to play the third Melody Bay song.
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Once the full song is complete, you’ll receive the Soprano Card, granting you full access to the Juice Bar shop and unlocking Croaka Cola, one of the best healing items in the game.

Melody Bay puzzle rewards

For completing each puzzle in Melody Bay, you receive a card from Toadofsky, allowing you to purchase extra items in the Juice Bar vendor in Tadpole Pond. Here is a list of all the items you can purchase from The Juice Bar once all three cards have been obtained:

  • No cards: Tadpola Cola (8 Coins) – Party recovers 30 HP
  • Alto Card: Frogleg Cola (24 Coins) – Party recovers 80 HP
  • Tenor Card: Finless Cola (60 Coins) – Party recovers 150 HP
  • Soprano Card: Croaka Cola (200 Coins) – All members recover fully

That’s everything you need to know to complete all the Super Mario RPG Melody Bay tadpole music puzzles. If you’re a physical media person and are wondering does the Super Mario RPG remake have a physical release, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re considering taking on some other Mario RPGs, check out our Super Paper Mario review from way back to see if it’s worth trying.

Super Mario RPG Melody Bay Puzzle FAQs

How many Melody Bay song puzzles are there in Super Mario RPG?

In total, there are three song puzzles to complete for Toadofsky in Super Mario RPG.

What do you unlock for completing the Melody Bay song puzzles in Super Mario RPG?

Each song puzzle rewards you with a card that gives you access to more stock in the Juice Bar shop in Tadpole Pond.

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