Starfield outpost storage – best storage options and unlimited storage

Starfield outpost storage – best storage options and unlimited storage
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Having plenty of Starfield outpost storage can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re making the effort to build up your outpost. If there’s one thing that you need for outpost building, it’s resources, and having somewhere with plenty of storage is a must if you’re going to stockpile for some of those late-game upgrades.

Make sure you’re all clued up on Starfield outposts and know how to assign crew to an outpost in Starfield. And if you’re looking for some more general advice then our Starfield tips and tricks guide has plenty for you. But for now, let’s take a look at Starfield outpost storage and how you can store items in your outpost.

Starfield outpost storage: Opening a Storage Box

How to store items in your outpost

Once you have your outpost set up, it’s incredibly easy to store items in your outpost. All you need to do it build some storage. Simply head into your outpost and open your scanner. From here, open up your outpost building menu.

In the top right of your screen, you’ll see the building section. Unintuitively, you don’t want to open up the ‘Storage’ tab, but instead you want to open up the furniture tab. In here, you’ll have two options for storage, in the form of the Storage Box, and the significantly larger Storage Crate.

Starfield outpost storage: Building a Storage Box in an outpost

In order to craft a Storage Box, you’ll need 2 Aluminum and 2 Structural materials, while to craft a Storage Crate, you’ll need 2 Aluminum and 4 Structural materials. While the Storage Box is cheaper to build, it’s much worse value as it only holds 10kg of items compared to the massive 150kg you can store in the Storage Crate. 

To build your Box or Crate, simply line it up where you want to play it in your outpost making sure that it isn’t touching anything else, and just place it. You can even stack your Storage Crates and Boxes on top of each other, making a very compact and efficient storage solution. Once you’ve got a few Crates placed in your outpost, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all storing those resources and loot you come across on your adventures.

How to get unlimited storage in Starfield

While you can get a pretty massive amount of storage in your outpost in Starfield, you unfortunately can’t get actual unlimited storage there, but you can elsewhere. Most Bethesda titles have a source of unlimited storage, and Starfield is no exception, but none of them are in particularly convenient places.

Alex’s Advice

While crafting, you can use the materials that are in your ship storage, meaning you don’t necessarily need a lot of outpost storage. Upgrading your ship storage is usually enough unless you’re really stocking up.

The first is in the basement of The Lodge, where there are a Storage Crate and Storage Box near the various crafting stations. These boxes have no weight limit like a normal chest and can be used endlessly to store your things.

Upstairs in your room in The Lodge, you also have a safe which can be used as another source of unlimited storage. Unfortunately, those are the only two means of unlimited storage in the entire game, which is not ideal.

That’s all for Starfield outpost storage. If you’re looking for some quests to take on then the Starfield Delivering Devils and Starfield Absolute Power quests are two great options. And if you’re looking to get yourself a better ship, our Starfield best ships guide is the place to go, while our Starfield best ship parts guide will help you build your own.

Starfield outpost storage FAQs

Does Starfield have unlimited storage?

There are two places in Starfield with unlimited storage. These are both in The Lodge in New Atlantis, one in your room, and one in the basement.

What materials do you need to craft a storage box in Starfield?

The materials required to craft a storage crate are 2 aluminum and 4 structural materials.