Star Wars Jedi Survivor force powers – how to pull, push, and more

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Want the lowdown on all of Cal Kestis’ Star Wars Jedi Survivor force powers? As with any Star Wars game worth its salt, Jedi Survivor grants players a host of Force powers to take on the Galactic Empire. These abilities are chiefly geared towards combat like Fallen Order, but also serve a purpose when solving certain environmental puzzles, along with easing the exploration planets such as Koboh and Jedha, and bending the minds of unwitting characters to your will.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor force powers, how to use them, and when you’ll unlock them. If you want to put them to the test, check out how to break the glowing rocks on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and how to interact with red objects in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for Force essence throughout the game, as these extend your max Force meter, the gauge that determines whether you can cast Force abilities. Force replenishes over time, but you’ll burn through it fairly quickly by chaining Force powers so any chance you get to increase your Force is worth the detour. 

Here’s a list of all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers in order that you’ll unlock them. 

Force push

R2 on PS5 and RT on Xbox Series X|S. You’ll unlock Force push in the early portion of the game on Coruscant. A basic telekinesis move, Force push allows you to push foes like Stormtroopers away in combat but also push through large walls and other environmental obstacles.

Force pull

L2 on PS5 and LT on Xbox Series X|S. Force pull unlocks at the same time as Force push during the early game in Coruscant. Force pull is another of Cal’s bread and butter Jedi Survivor Force powers and allows you to pull enemies towards you then follow up with a lethal lightsaber attack. Like Force push, Force pull also has a role in certain puzzles and environmental obstacles.

Slow time

L3+R3 on PS5 and LS+RS on Xbox Series X|S. Slow time unlocks as go through the Undercity in Coruscant during the early part of the game. Slow Time temporarily slows down time, as the name implies, causing enemies to move significantly slower so that you can get in several fast, lethal attacks.


R1+circle on PS5 and RB+B on Xbox Series X|S. Similar to the three Force powers above, Confusion unlocks during the opening Coruscant section, specifically in the Undercity Meats part of the Undercity. Confusion allows you to turn an enemy against they allies for a short period of time. You’ll also Confusion: Major Fauna quite early on by following the story, which allows you to use Confusion on much larger creatures such as Bilemaws.

Lift and Slam

R1+triangle to Lift/R1+X to Slam, and RB+Y to Lift and RB+A to Slam on Xbox Series X|S. The Lift and Slam Force power unlocks in the Yurt Barracks during your second visit to Koboh. Lift and Slam does what it says on the tin: pick up an enemy then slam them back down to the ground with great force.

Mind Trick

R1 on PS5, RB on Xbox Series X/S. Mind Tricks unlocks on Coruscant at the start of the game when you interrogate the Senator. Mind Trick allows you to mind-control enemies to glean information or get them to behave in the way you want. Unlike most other Force powers, Mind Trick is situational and only ever comes up in dialogue.

That covers all of Cal’s basic Jedi Survivor Force powers. Note that many of these can be upgraded by in the Force skill tree using skill points at Meditation Points. Check out our other guides for the game, including how to fight Vashtan Wolfe in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, should you buy the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mysterious Keycode, and how to use Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards.

What Force powers does Cal have in Jedi Survivor?

Cal has the following Force powers in Jedi Survivor:

  • Force pull
  • Force push
  • Slow Time
  • Mind Trick
  • Lift and Slam
  • Confuse

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