Resident Evil 4 Remake Lock Code – Combination Lock At Village Chief’s Manor

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You’ll discover the Village Chief’s Manor at the end of Resident Evil 4 Remake chapter 2. After struggling through enemy gauntlets and dealing with a chainsaw-wielding maniac, you’ll likely appreciate the slower change of pace the manor brings.

Rather than hefty combat challenges, the Village Chief’s Manor instead hosts a puzzle that you’ll need to solve in order to unlock the end of the chapter. We’ll show you how to get the code and proceed through Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Story.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Manor Lock – Finding The Code

Resident Evil 4 Remake Manor Lock - passage containing the puzzle solution

Exploring the manor in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll soon come upon a cabinet sealed with a peculiar lock. Rather than a number combination, this lock uses images. Thankfully, the solution is hidden nearby in the manor itself.

There will be an open book set on a side table in one of the manor’s ground-floor corridors. Reading the book will reveal a passage of strange scripture containing highlighted words: crop, swineherd, pig, and babe.

Return to the lock and select the corresponding images to the passage. Choosing the crop, pig, and babe from left to right will unlock the cabinet.

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Reward And Unlocking The Door

Leon finds crystal marble reward

Once you’ve solved the lock puzzle in the Village Chief’s Manor, you’ll be able to unlock the cabinet and claim the reward inside: a Crystal Marble. While it might just seem like another valuable at first, the marble can be taken upstairs in the manor and used to unlock the upper bedroom.

Entering this room is necessary for completing chapter 2, so the lock puzzle is a key component of the main story. There will be many more puzzles and challenges along the way, but we’ll be here to help with our Resident Evil 4 Remake coverage.

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