Every Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pre Order Bonus (2022)

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The Pokemon game franchise is arguably one of Nintendo’s biggest right now. For years, Pokemon games have seen massive success and have amassed a following of millions.

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The latest entry in the series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, deemed the 9th generation of Pokemon games, released on the 18th of November this year. The game(s) steps away from the traditional Pokemon genre and take the open world RPG approach, putting players in a massive open world they are free to explore however they want. 

Alongside this is the introduction of a four player multiplayer mode. All this has done nothing but increased the excitement for the game for this switch in gameplay will make the series very welcoming for newcomers.

Given this, Nintendo has offered a bunch of Pre Order bonuses for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, both from official sources and popular retailers. In this guide, we are going to cover Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Pre Order bonus.  

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pre Order Bonus

Below are all the Pre Order bonuses fans can avail for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:


Pre ordering Pokemon Scarlet or Violet for Nintendo Switch from Amazon will give players a special healing set that will include:

  • 10 Potions 
  • 10 Antidotes 
  • 3 Revives 

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Physical Double Pack –

If you purchase the physical double pack version, then you will receive download codes for 200 Poke Balls bonus, which will be redeemable in the Mystery Gift Feature.

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Best Buy

Pre ordering Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from Best Buy will give players the following items:

  • Cherry Berry
  • Chesto Berry
  • Aspear Berry
  • Pecha Berry
  • Persim Berry
  • Rawst Berry

Early Buying Bonuses 

flying tera type pikachu

Anyone who purchases the game(s) from the 18th of November to the 23rd of February can avail the early purchase bonuses. 

The first of these bonuses is a special, rarer Pikachu called the Pikachu flying Tera type. This can be availed from the ‘Get’ button at the Mystery gifts section of the game, accessed from the internet part of the game. The second bonus fans can avail is the Adventure set, this will include the following items:

  • 10 potion
  • 10 heal
  • 3 revive
  • 3 ether 
  • 1 rare candy
  • 1 nugget

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Pre ordering the game from Gamestop will give fan a physical pin set. Ideal for big fans of Pokemon and collectors.


Pre ordering Pokemon Scarlet will give players a free sports rucksack in the game.

Japan Seven Net Store 

Pre ordering Pokemon Scarlet from Japan Seven Net Store will give fans a mystery ball set in the game.

Final Thoughts

This concludes ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre order bonus.’ Fans of the franchise will be better off by pre ordering from one of the above deals to avail whichever reward suits them the most. For more updates on the game(s), keep visiting our website! 


What Does The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Double Pack Come With?

The double pack comes with both versions of the game, download codes for exclusive in game healing set and 200 Poke Balls bonus. The EU version of the double pack also comes in a steelbook case.

Is There A Preorder Bonus For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Yes, each stores are offering different pre order bonuses. Amazon are offering an in game healing set with pre orders. Best Buy are offering an in game berry set and Gamestop are giving players a physical pin set. All players also receive a Flying Tera Type Pikachu between 18th November 2022 – 23rd February 2023.

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