How To Evolve Deino Into Zweilous and Hydreigon In Pokemon Scarlet

How To Evolve Deino Into Zweilous and Hydreigon In Pokemon Scarlet
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Deino is a Dark-Dragon pseudo-legendary Pokemon, meaning it has base stats comparable to legendaries. The Pokemon has made its return from Generation 5 right into Pokemon Scarlet. Moreover, the most recent iteration of Pokemon brings a brand new addition to the Deino family, and you’ll undoubtedly want to get your hands on Deino’s regular and Future Paradox evolutions. 

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This leaves us with the question: how can you evolve your baby Deino? Well, this guide is will explain to you the complete process behind evolving your Deino into Zweilous, Hydreigon, and Iron Jugulis. 

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How To Evolve Deino

To evolve Deino into its full evolution, Hydreigon, players need to capture it in the wild since you can’t obtain it otherwise. Fortunately for Pokemon Scarlet players, Deino can only be captured in the Scarlet version of the game. However, if you’re playing Pokemon Violet, owners will have to find a friend to trade with in order to obtain Deino. 

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While Deino isn’t the strongest Pokemon in battle, you’ll definitely want to acquire one for your party to evolve it to its’ full evolution. This is because Hydreigon is one of the strongest non-legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet; you certainly don’t want to miss out on obtaining it!

How To Get Deino

Deino can be found in multiple parts of Paldea, although it is a bit of a rare spawn. Firstly, players should note that Deino only spawns in caves. To find wild spawns of this dormant beast, you’ll need to go to any of the following locations:

  • South Province (Area Six)
  • East Province (Area Three)
  • Glaseado Mountains
  • North Province (Area Two)

Bear in mind that you’ll have to find caves located in any of the areas mentioned above. Your best bet to encounter a wild Deino early in the game would be to go to the South Province or East Province since Pokemon aren’t over-leveled over there, and you can visit these regions much more quickly.

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Evolving Deino Into Zweilous

Once you’ve captured a Deino for yourself, you can start to train it up to level 50 to evolve it. The best part is that you don’t need any other item to trigger the evolution; It will automatically evolve into its two-headed evolution, Zweilous, upon hitting level 50. Alternatively, Zweilous can also be found in the wild, but it’s much rarer and more brutal to capture than its’ base form. 

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If you’re looking to run into some wild spawns of this two-headed dragon, you should head to the northern portions of the Glaseado mountains. Zweilous can also be found in the Northern province and Area Zero (after beating the game, of course). 

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Evolving Zweilous Into Hydreigon

After getting your hands on a Zweilous, you can gain EXP until you level it up to level 64. Doing so will evolve your Zweilous into the mighty Hydreigon. Just like its previous evolution, it will be automatically triggered once you reach the required level.  

Hydreigon is also available as a six-star Terastal Raid Boss. You can gather a group of friends to try and take down the pseudo-legendary Pokemon, and doing so will give you a chance to capture Hydreigon!

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With that said, Terra Raid Bosses are very tricky to take down due to their ability to change typing, but a great tip to counter Hydreigon is to carry Fairy types in your party. Since Hydreigon is double-weak to Fairy, you’ve got a great chance at still being super-effective with your Fairy-type attacks.

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Obtaining Future Paradox Hydreigon: Iron Jugulis

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought a never-seen-before class of Pokemon with its release: the ancient past and distant future Paradox Pokemon.

Iron Jugulis is the Future Paradox version of Hydreigon. Since Future Paradox Pokemon are exclusive to Pokemon Violet, Pokemon Scarlet players will have to trade with a friend in order to obtain it.

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Finding Iron Jugulis In Pokemon Violet: 

Players can only encounter the ancient past/distant future Paradox Variants of Pokemon once they beat the following three storylines: 

  1. Path of Legends
  2. Starfell Street
  3. Victory Road

Upon doing so, you can delve deeper into Area Zero, towards the Great Crater of Paldea. This cavern has a very slim chance of spawning Iron Jugulis, but if you find one, then it’s your lucky day! 

Stats Difference Of Deino After Evolution

Deino doesn’t have the best base stats, but evolving it into its superior forms definitely gives you an edge in battle. We’ve listed the stats of Deino and each of its evolutions below: 

Base StatsDeinoZweilousHydreigonIron Jugulis
Special Attack4565125122
Special Defense50709080
Total 300420600570

Final Thoughts

Both Hydreigon and Iron Jugulis can make great additions to your party. However, if you choose between the two, we recommend sticking with Hydreigon. While Iron Jugulis may look fabulous, Hydreigon just has better base stats, and its’ strong Dragon typing is preferred over Jugulis’s flying typing. Looking for more helpful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides? You should take a look at our guides tab! 

How To Evolve Deino Into Zweilous and Hydreigon In Pokemon Scarlet FAQ

What number is Deino in the Scarlet Pokedex

Deino is number 370 in the Scarlet and Violet Pokedex

What level does Deino evolve at?

Deino evolves into Zweilous at level 50