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PES 2017 Guide – How to add official licensed Premier League kits and team badges to the game

PES 2017 is one of the best football games of all time, if not THE best. But it’s got a problem: it’s missing almost all the official licenses, meaning you play as North East London instead of Tottenham, and the kits outside of the few it has are all awful. Thankfully you can change this.

We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to add official kits, badges and league emblems to PES 2017.

Note: at this time we can only confirm that this works on the PS4 version of PES 2016. The Xbox One version of the game has different parameters for importing user-generated content, and as such not all of the elements listed below can be uploaded.

PES 2017 Guide – What you’ll need to add fully licensed kits and team badges

The process of adding kits, team badges and competition crests is easier than ever this year, but you’ll still need to download the files on a computer. You’ll need a USB stick to transfer the files to your PS4.

PES 2017 Guide – How to add fully licensed kits and team badges

Download the PES 2017 PS4 Option File from here: Download Link

Extract the file and then transfer the newly created WEPES folder and all contents to your USB drive. Place the USB drive into your PS4 and start up PES 2017.

From the PES Main Menu scroll across to the Extras tab then choose the Edit option. Select Data Management, then Import/Export.

Accept the pop up warning, then select Import Team from the menu. Once the game has taken a few seconds to load the next screen, press the Square button to select all files then choose Next from the menu.

On the Detailed Settings screen leave everything as is and choose OK. The game will then import all the kit data. Once this is complete, select OK.

From the Data Management screen choose Save, then when asked if you want to overwrite this data, choose Yes.

PES 2017 Guide – How to add official competition crests

Assuming you’re still in the Data Management screen, select Import/Export then select Import Images. From the next screen select Competition Emblems.

You’ll see a selection of competition emblems. Choose the ones you want and then select OK. The files will import then choose OK.

From the Edit menu you’ll now have to manually add each emblem. Choose Competitions then find the competition you want to update. From the Edition Competition screen choose Emblem, then Load, then select the emblem you want to use.

Repeat this for every competition emblem you want to update.


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