How To Get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

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Blizzard shut down all online servers for the original Overwatch when Overwatch 2 released on October 4th. But, firing up your first Overwatch 2 game, you’ll see your old levels and characters intact, in the same state as they were previously. Not only this, there’s a new Overwatch 2 currency called Legacy Credits.

What are these? Below, we are going to cover how to get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2, and what they are used for.

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What are Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2?

How To Get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2
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Legacy Credits are credits that were transferred from original accounts to new Overwatch 2 account. Meaning, if you had any Credits left over in your original account, they were transferred to your account in Overwatch 2. With these credits, you have the ability to purchase skins and cosmetics from the original Overwatch Hero Gallery. 

How To Get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2
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How to Get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

Unless you’ve already received Legacy Credits, there’s no way of earning more or purchasing them. These are only for those who had credits leftover from the original game. So if you were left without Legacy Coins, unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase anything from the original Hero Gallery. 

How to Use Legacy Credits

On the top right of your screen, you will see Legacy Credits next to other Overwatch 2 currencies used in the game. Using these coins is beneficial for anyone looking to buy an old skin for their favorite hero, or purchase any other cosmetic. Click on the Heroes tab and select which character you want the skin for. 

If it’s not an original skin from Overwatch 1, you’ll need to purchase the skin using Overwatch 2’s new currency. So, if you were lucky enough to already have some credits, you won’t need to worry about purchasing more.

Can I transfer Legacy Credits Into the New OW2 Currency?

No, Legacy Credits only exist because of your previous purchase of Credits in Overwatch 1. So that is all they can be used for. For anything new or different that Overwatch 2 has implemented, you’ll need to purchase the new currency.

Nonetheless, players are extremely grateful that Blizzard didn’t completely erase everyone’s earnings and XP from Overwatch 1. At least they will be put to use, instead of being thrown into the pixel trash. 

Legacy Credits are great for anyone who is looking to use up those old currencies and kind of splurge and enjoy their old characters how they always wanted. Will these Credits eventually be available for users to purchase? This is still unknown, but let’s hope for the best. Surely they didn’t only create this currency for only a handful of items? Only time will tell.