Once Human codes (July 2024)

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✓ Latest codes
  • cdym4mxdnh
  • hyd7my66rt
  • OH000007
  • fcnx8nhxj7
  • OnceHuman0710

A post-apocalyptic open world, alien monstrosities, scarce resources, widespread sanity-sapping Stardust pollution, and some good old fashioned survival grinding – you may be a meta human but you’re going to need a hand to survive in Once Human. If ever there was a game calling out for freebies to help players along, then this is it.

As expected, a handful of codes have surfaced to commemorate the game’s launch and give players a welcome bump as they progress through the early game. They include a selection of resources and skins. You’ll find a full list of working codes below that you can redeem straight away.

Active Once Human codes

Here are the latest active Once Human codes, last checked on July 15, 2024:

cdym4mxdnhx200 Energy Link, x2 Sanity Gummy
hyd7my66rtx200 Energy Link, x2 Sanity Gummy
OH000007x300 Energy Link, x2 Activators
fcnx8nhxj7x300 Energy Link, x1 Adrenaline Shot, x2 Activators
OnceHuman0710Motorcycle Paint – Camouflage
OnceHumanIGPx300 Energy Link, x1 Adrenaline Shot, x2 Activators
OnceHumanJRptx300 Energy Link, x1 Adrenaline Shot, x2 Activators
OnceHumanTBGx300 Energy Link, x1 Adrenaline Shot, x2 Activators
OnceHumanMMOBx300 Energy Link, x1 Adrenaline Shot, x2 Activators

Note that you can only us one of the following codes – OnceHumanIGP, OnceHumanJRpt, OnceHumanTBG, and OnceHumanMMOB.

Expired codes

As of writing, there are no expired codes. Lucky you. We currently unsure as to the validity period of issued codes, but we’ll be sure to slot them below when they do expire to save you the hassle of trying to redeem a dud.


How to redeem Once Human codes

Here’s how to redeem codes. Note that you can’t use codes until you’ve completed The Eve of Evolution tutorial and are let loose into the open world.

  • Open up Once human and load in a server
  • Tap Esc to bring up the pause menu
  • Select Shop Event from the options on the left of the screen, then Events from the drop down
  • Click on Redeem Code in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Enter the code into the field and tap redeem

From there, the rewards tied to each of the codes should pop up in your in-game inventory shortly afterwards.

How to get more codes in Once Human

Though we’ll keep this page up to date with the latest codes, you can also follow the Once Human socials to stay on top of any new codes. By joining the game’s Discord server, you’ll get all the latest announcements, including any brand new codes.

Why won’t a code work

If a code doesn’t appear to be working, it might mean that the code has expired and is no longer valid. Another potential reason for a code not working is that it is being input correctly. Make sure the series of letters and numbers if correct and remember they are case sensitive.

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Once Human

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