MW2 how to uninstall the campaign – step by step guide

MW2 how to uninstall the campaign – step by step guide
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Let’s not sugar-coat it, Modern Warfare 2 is a big game – and if your console space is at a premium, you may be wondering how to uninstall the campaign.

While the Campaign does indeed provide a lot of fun (and some useful campaign rewards) it’s usually the Multiplayer and Special Ops that stick around with constant updates throughout year. Making room for those updates can be a pain.

So let’s ease some of that pain – once you’re done with the story of Task Force 141, here’s how to get some of that hard drive space back.

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How to uninstall the MW2 campaign

Firstly, you need to head to the game’s entry in your library, whether that’s on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam or

Then, on PlayStation, you want to press the Menu button and then select ‘Manage Game Content’. It’s here that you should see a list of the DLC for the game, including both Campaign 1 and Campaign 2.

Just select the litter bin icon next to these two to uninstall the campaign content. Be sure you’re not deleting the main game, of course.

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The steps are largely the same on the Xbox – you’re heading to the game’s tile in My Games and Apps – then hit the Menu button over the MW2 tile. Then go to ‘Manage Game and Add-Ons” – under the “Installed” tab check for the DLCs that mention campaign, select them and then select ‘Uninstall’.

On PC meanwhile – the process will depend on if you’re on or Steam. On the launcher, select the game, then select Options. Then select Modify Install, and under Game Content uncheck the Campaign. Confirm your selection, and enjoy the extra space.

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On Steam, right click on the game’s tile – then select Properties. Head to the “DLC” section – which should give you a list of installed DLC. Uncheck the ones marked ‘Campaign’ and then press OK – and Steam will ask you to confirm. Do so, and it’ll start uninstalling the campaign data.

After that, you can enjoy your lovely hard drive space.

Modern Warfare 2 uninstall campaign FAQ

Can you uninstall MW2 campaign?

Yes. You’re able to uninstall the specific campaign section should you want to make room for multiplayer.

Is MW2 campaign good 2022?

Yes. The general consensus is that this is a strong campaign but perhaps not as memorable as the original 2009 Modern Warfare 2.