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Best BAS-P Loadout In MW2

MW2 and Warzone 2’s first seasons are both heating up, and many new weapons are being unlocked by players making a splash in the season one meta. Among these new MW2 tools is the BAS-P, an SMG that sits right up there with the Fennec 45 as a stealthy, deadly option for any game mode. 

We’ll show you how to get the most out of the new BAS-P with our Modern Warfare 2 guide. 

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Unlocking the BAS-P 

MW2 BAS-P Unlock

Unlike many firearms in MW2, the BAS-P is not unlocked through overall progression or by leveling up a specific weapon. Instead, the BAS-P is a season pass reward for the Season 1 battle pass. 

Within the battle pass, unlock four basic rewards in sector A6, at which point the BAS-P will be available to unlock. 

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MW2 – Best BAS-P Loadout 

The BAS-P features the same weapon platform as the M13B Assault rifle, but its performance is highly distinct. Where the M13 focused on stable fire at mid-range and further, the BAS-P is an SMG that deals high damage at closer distances while retaining stealth through subsonic ammo.

The BAS-P is not an all-around damage-dealing tool, but a specialized weapon for picking off opponents quickly and quietly. 

MW2 – Best Perks To Equip With The BAS-P 

MW2 BAS-P Perks
Recommended PerksAlternatives
Fast HandsBasic Perk: Scavenger
GhostBonus Perk: Cold-Blooded
Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix

Fast Hands 

Reload and switch weapons in the blink of an eye with Fast Hands. The BAS-P’s absurd rate of fire is one of its greatest strengths, and this perk ensures you’ll rarely ever be caught out mid-reload. 



One of the most broadly useful perks in MW2, and an absolute standout for stealth-based loadouts. Ghost will work in tandem with the BAS-P’s subsonic ammo and inherent stealth leanings to make you practically undetectable as you pick off enemies one by one. 

MW2 – Best Attachments For The BAS-P 

12” Bruen SZ-36 Barrel 

When wielding the BAS-P in MW2, you’re going to want to prioritize your ADS capabilities to ensure you can outgun your opponents in the quickest possible time. This barrel will shave down your ADS time while also helping the BAS-P achieve greater stability, keeping as many of your shots on target as possible. 

50 Round Mag 

As the BAS-P can burn through your ammo reserves in a flash with its high rate of fire, the 50 Round Mag keeps you stocked up and ready for any engagement without worrying about ammo starvation. 

MW2 – Best Weapons To Pair With The BAS-P 

Alternate Weapon Choices

.50 GS Handgun 

You rarely need to bring along another rapid-fire weapon with putting the BAS-P in your loadout, so the devastating single shots of the .50 GS make a good mid-range complement to the SMG. 

SP-X 80 Sniper Rifle 

Significantly expand your stealthy toolkit with the SP-X 80, allowing you to switch between picking opponents off quietly at extremely long ranges and sneaking up to take them out before they know what hit them. 


What are the Best BAS-P attachments MW2? 

The 12” Bruen SZ-36 Barrel and 50 Round Mag are the current best attachments for the BAS-P in MW2. 

How to unlock the BAS-P MW2 

Unlock the BAS-P through MW2’s season one season pass, in sector A6.