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Mortal Kombat X Guide – Faction Kill Fatality list

Faction Kills are Fatalities, all performed during the ‘FINISH HIM’ segment of a fight. They are all performed from the generic ‘Far’ distance.

We will update this guide with the full input commands once we unlock them.

Mortal Kombat X – Faction Kill Fatality – Lin Kuei

Smoke’s Revenge – Hold R2/RT, forward, forward

Shuriken Storm – Hold R2/RT, back, back

Assassin Slash – Hold R2/RT, back, forward, back

Cyber Double Strike

Brain Freeze – Hold R2/RT, up, up

Mortal Kombat X – Faction Kill Fatality – Black Dragon

Sat Beam – Hold R2/RT, forward, forward

Tactical Blade – Hold R2/RT, back, back

Dirty Bomb

Chemical Bomb

Wicked Laser

Mortal Kombat X – Faction Kill Fatality – Brotherhood of Shadow

Dark Pendulum – Hold R2/RT, forward, forward

Hell Pit – Hold R2/RT, back, back

Twisted Magic



Mortal Kombat X – Faction Kill Fatality – Special Forces

Fire at Will – Hold R2/RT, forward, forward

.50 Caliber – Hold R2/RT, back, back

Air-to-Surface Missile

Center Mass


Mortal Kombat X – Faction Kill Fatality – White Lotus

Split Personality – Hold R2/RT, forward, forward

Dragon’s Flame – Hold R2/RT, back, back

Ancestor’s Wrath

Double Shot

Wind and Fire Wheel


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