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7 Best Early Game Armors For Beginners in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise
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Monster Hunter: Rise is the latest entry into the popular Monster Hunter franchise. The game features various armor sets, each with unique buffs to facilitate various playstyles. Naturally, it’s crucial to equip the proper armor to get through some of the more grueling hunts. These armors can dictate your early game experience, especially if you’re a new player.

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So without further ado, let’s get into our list of 7 of the best armor pieces you should get to survive the early game sections of Monster Hunter: Rise.

7 Best Early Game Armors in Monster Hunter Rise 

You can get your hands on these armor sets early in the game through either quests or crafting. You will eventually be able to craft better gear as you face more challenging quests. Don’t worry about hoarding the crafting materials for these armors, as they are relatively common.


  1. Hunter Armor Set

The Hunter armor set will be one of the first armor sets you should use. While it only offers a meager defense value of 4 defense per piece, it should be enough to get you on your track to getting better armor sets.

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What does, however, stand out for this armor set are the skills it provides. The armor provides you with 2x Attack Boost to increase your damage and 2x Stun Resistance that will make some annoying early-game encounters easier. 

How To Get

You can craft the Hunter armor set by acquiring the required materials.

Armor PieceMaterials
Hunter’s Helm Sx2 Carbalite Orex1 High-quality Pelt
Hunter’s Mail Sx2 Dragonite Orex2 Remobra Hide+
Hunter’s Vambraces Sx2 Jagras Scale+x1 Carbalite Ore
Hunter’s Coil Sx2 Jagras Hide+x1 Jagras Scale+
Hunter’s Greaves Sx2 High-quality Peltx2 Twisted Rockbone
  1. Tetranadon Armor Set

The Tetranadon Armor Set is a 5-piece set that you can get fairly early in the game. This armor provides a solid 18 Defense per piece and has additional Water damage resistance, making it your go-to option for Water monster encounters.

Furthermore, each piece has its own buff, so you can mix and match this armor with other sets to focus on the one you want. These buffs include Normal/Rapid Up, Speed Eating, Evade Extender, Heroics, Special Ammo Boost, and Hunger Resistance.

How To Get

Hunt or Capture the Tatranadon to farm the crafting materials required for forging this armor.

Armor PieceMaterials
Tetranadon Helmx2 Tetranadon Hidex1 Tetranadon Beakx1 Tetranadon Discx1 Aqua Sac
Tetranadon Mailx2 Tetra Carapacex2 Iciumx1 Jumbo Bonex1 Tetranadon Hide
Tetranadon Bracesx2 Aqua Sacx2 Tetranadon Hidex1 Jumbo Bonex1 Machalite Ore
Tetranadon Coilx3 Iron Orex2 Tetranadon Hidex1 Tetra Carapacex1 Tetranadon Disc
Tetranadon Greavesx2 Aqua Sacx2 Tetra Carapacex1 Tetranadon Beak
  1. Izuchi Armor Set

The Izuchi armor is considered good because it provides 10 Defense per piece and some respectable Fire resistance which is the most common early-game damage type. 

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Additionally, it provides the skill Critical Eye, which increases your chance of hitting weak spots, and the skill remains relevant even in mid-game encounters. It also provides stamina consumption reduction and increases HP recovery speed.

How To Get

  You can get this armor set by farming the Great Izuchi monster and using the crafting material gained.

Armor PieceMaterials Required
Izuchi Helmetx1 Monster Bone Sx2 Great Izuchi Peltx1 Izuchi Pelt
Izuchi Mailx2 Great Izuchi Hidex1 Great Izuchi Peltx1 Sharp Claw
Izuchi Bracesx2 Great Izuchi Hidex1 Great Izuchi Tail
Izuchi Coilx2 Great Izuchi Peltx1 Sharp Clawx1 Izuchi Pelt
Izuchi Greavesx2 Great Izuchi Hidex2 Izuchi Tail
  1. Barroth Armor Set

Following our theme of armor specializing against certain elements, the Barroth armor will be your early game go-to option against Thunder damage. It can provide you with a powerful 18 defense per piece.

The armor set provides you with the following skills: Attack Boost, Defence Boost, Affinity Sliding, and Guard. 

How To Get

Hunt or Capture the monster Barroth to farm the required materials to smith the Barroth Armor Set.

Armor PieceMaterial
Barroth HelmBarroth Shell x2Barroth Claw x2Barroth Tail x1Monster Bone M x1
Barroth MailBarroth Shell x3Barroth Scalp x1Fertile Mud x1Big Fin x2
Barroth VambracesBarroth Ridge x2Barroth Claw x1Monster Bone M x1Machalite Ore x2
Barroth CoilBarroth Ridge x3Barroth Scalp x1Big Fin x2
Barroth GreavesBarroth Shell x2Barroth Claw x1Fertile Mud x1Eroded Skeleton x2
  1. Khezu Armor Set

Our final entry in the elemental resistance based armors is the Khezu Armor set. This armor provides 23 Thunder resistance, 13 Ice resistance, and 5 Water resistance, making it quite versatile; however, it suffers from susceptibility to Fire damage. It also has a respectable 16 defense per piece which is good enough to get you through to a lot of tougher content.

This set is no slouch in the Skills department either, with a powerful Thunder Attack bonus that buffs your Thunder damage and Slugger to increase your Stun power. Wall Runner, Recovery Up, and Recovery Speed will keep you mobile and healthy, while Focus helps you raise your weapon gauges more quickly.

It’s an excellent set that can provide exceptional all-rounder performance; just keep it away from fire damage.

How To Get

You can get the Khezu set by gathering the required crafting materials.

Armor PieceMaterials
Khezu Helmx3 Flabby Hidex1 Monster Bone Mx1 Machalite Orex1 Electro Sac
Khezu Mailx3 Flabby Hidex2 Machalite Orex1 Electro Sacx1 Lightcrystal
Khezu Vambracesx2 Monster Bone Mx2 Suspicious Fangx1 Pale Bone
Khezu Coilx2 Flabby Hidex2 Suspicious Fangx1 Warm Peltx1 Dragonhusk Shard
Khezu Greavesx3 Suspicious Fangx1 Electro Sacx1 Flabby Hide
  1. Black Belt Armor Set

The Black Belt armor set was provided by the developers as the perfect armor for players who require a helping hand in the early game. It provides a surprising 30 defense per piece and a solid 5 resistance for every Element. It is well-balanced and will blast you past most early-game content.

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In the skills department, the set provides an exceptional 4x Attack Boost, 3x Earplugs, 1x Flinch Free, and 1x Recovery Up, making you a force to be reckoned with.

How To Get

Luckily, acquiring this armor is as simple as heading over the Senri the Mailman, AKA the Courier. Interact with Senri and head down to the “Add-On Content” section. From the list that pops up, just select the “Black Belt” Hunter armor set, and you will receive your own set of Black Belt armor free of cost.

  1. Black Belt S Armor Set

Last on our list is the best Armor Set you can easily get your hands on early game. However, we wouldn’t classify this as early-game armor because this set is made to survive into the late game. It provides a whopping 66 defense per piece, along with the already solid 5 Elemental resist for all Elements. 

As expected of such strong armor, it has some really powerful skills. The armor set provides x4 Attack Boost, x3 Recovery Up, x3 Earplugs, x3 Constitution, and x1 Flinch Free, all of which add up to make this a ridiculously overkill set for early-game content.

How To Get

 Just follow the same method listed for the Black Belt Armor Set above and claim the option for Sunbreak Launch Celebration: “Black Belt S” Hunter armor set.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our list of 7 of the best armors you can equip early on in Monster Hunter: Rise. Be sure to prepare yourself with the right armor set for every occasion to match the ever-increasing difficulty of your hunts.

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