Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Guide - How to use Quiet on missions -
Brett Phipps by on Sep 3, 2015

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Guide – How to use Quiet on missions

Quiet is an incredibly effective sniper, who can snap from one vantage point to the next at the blink of an eye thanks to her ability to disappear into thin air. As with every other buddy, the closer your relationship with Quiet, the more commands you’ll have at your disposal, including the ability for her to lay down cover fire as you move from point to point. She will also unlock new weapons which you can purchase in the weapon development menu of your iDroid, including silenced and tranquilizer sniper rifles.

Here’s a few tricks to remember when using Quiet:

How to scout the enemy with Quiet

When you first land, you can send Quiet to scout all nearby checkpoints and objective areas by opening your iDroid and selecting Buddy Support in the Missions tab, or you can do it directly from the map screen, by hovering over an area and pressing up or down on the D-Pad. Quiet will run off and do a relay of the area, marking any enemies, prisoners and objectives she can find. She will also spot any supplies in the area too, which appear as a white hexagon on your map.

Having a solid lay of the land before you’re even close to arriving is a great time saver, and while you’ll still want to scope the place yourself with the binoculars once you get there, knowing where many of the enemies are is a real help.

How Quiet can help Snake complete objectives

If you know your objective is in the southwest corner of an enemy encampment, put quiet on a vantage point to the northeast. That way, when she fires her first round, the enemy will react and move towards her location, giving you an easier route to the mission. This is great for extraction missions, as the prisoner is usually on the floor and unable to move. If your target is a mobile enemy however, they will also move with the squad, so try to prevent Quiet from causing too much trouble, or at the very least have her kill enemies far enough away from the objective so they aren’t affected by her actions.

Keep moving Quiet between vantage points

You can set Quiet up in different locations to ‘Attack’ a location, however, once she’s fired her first round, enemies will begin to try and find her, and are pretty adept at doing so. Constantly shifting her from one sniping point to the next will prevent soldiers from firing on her, and also, give her the angle to shoot those hiding behind sandbags and other cover.

Quiet can wipe out an entire camp without you having to fire around. If you move her around effectively and line up her targets with the binoculars (you’ll see her laser sight tracking what you’re looking at), allowing you to stroll through, gather resources and complete the mission.

If you select “Cover Me”, remember to cease fire

Once you develop a close enough bond, you’ll unlock new commands that you can give in the field. One of the first of these is “Cover Me”. “Cover Me” will give Quiet free reign to fire on anybody in the immediate vicinity in order to protect you, which can be very useful when you’re in a pinch or are looking to quickly complete a task.

However, she’ll continue to kill at will unless you go back into the command menu and tell her to “Cease Cover”, especially if you’re planning on extracting any highly-skilled soldiers from the field.

This can prove a pain if you’re planning on Fulton extracting a mission target if the objective is originally to kill them. Quiet can sometimes complete the mission for you and kill the VIP without your say-so. Remember to alter between the two to avoid jumping back to a checkpoint.

Which weapon should Quiet have on missions?

If you’re on a recruitment drive, then it’s best that Quiet takes a tranquiliser rifle, which is the first weapon available once you develop a bond with her. This way, you can knock out all soldiers in a base and then see which ones you want to Fulton back to Mother Base. Any that you don’t want you can just leave to their nap while you make a quick escape, but not before farming all resources from the area.

For missions where you’re looking to sneak in, there are two approaches: you can give Quiet the silenced rifle, and have her pick off perimeter targets to make your infiltration easier, or give her an unsilenced scope and let her be a distraction while you move through the area.

Having Quiet as a sniper also means you don’t need to bring a sniper in your own equipment loadout.

How to synchronise kills with Quiet

If there are two guards on patrol, you can ask Quiet to “Take Aim” in the command wheel (accessed via L1/LB) on one of them while you line up a shot on the other. As you pull the trigger, Quiet will do the same, meaning there’s no risk of one fleeing or calling HQ to warn of your presence.

Her ability to synchronise kills with Snake is really effective for taking out grouped enemies.


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