Magic the Gathering My Little Pony Secret Lair cards revealed

Magic the Gathering My Little Pony Secret Lair cards revealed
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Over the past few years, Magic: the Gathering has released a swath of Secret Lair products. For those unaware, these are small, curated selections of MTG cards that have a general theme around them. Some of them are collaborations with artists, and others are cross overs with other IP, such as Arcane, The Walking Dead, and others. Well the newest version of the cross over Secret Lair is here with the Magic: the Gathering My Little Pony Secret Lair: Ponies: the Galloping 2.

We’re going to have a look at the cards that are in the Secret Lair, what they’re going to cost, and why you want to buy this secret lair. If you’re looking for other awesome Magic content, then be sure to check out our best Commander precons guide, and our guide on how to build a Commander deck from scratch.

MTG MLP cards

Picture of the MTG My Little Pony secret lair cards

In each Magic: the Gathering My Little Pony secret lair, you’ll get the following cards:

  • Applejack
  • Fluttershy
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rainbow Dash
Magic: the Gathering My Little Pony Presale

Additionally each secret lair comes in a Non-foil version which costs $40, and a foil version that costs $50. At the time of writing, this Secret Lair drop is live, and you have a little over 48 days to preorder this drop from the Secret Lair website.

Why you should buy this Secret Lair drop

MTG MLP Extra Life Banner

Now, why would you want to buy this Secret Lair? Well, for one, the cards are pretty cool. While they may not be legal in a Commander event, you could certainly see if your Commander play group would allow you to build a Commander deck with these cards. You could realistically build one of these cards as a deck without bending the rules too much.

But the most important reason to buy this secret lair drop is because fifty percent of each purchase will go to Extra Life and the Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Center. For those who don’t know what Extra Life is, it’s a charity organization that works with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals all around the United States. They partner with organizations like Wizards of the Coast, and content creators alike over the last 15 years to raise millions for these hospitals. All in all, it’s for an amazing cause, so if that’s your jam, definitely consider picking this Secret Lair up.

And that’s all you need to know about the Magic: the Gathering My Little Pony Secret Lair drop. Definitely consider picking this up, or at the very least, if this drop doesn’t interest you, consider checking out Extra Life’s website for other options on how to support the cause. While you’re here though, why not check out our other Magic guides, like our MTG Arena best decks guide, as well as our best MTG Commanders from Wilds of Eldraine guide.