Madden 24 MUT Beginner’s Guide

Madden 24 MUT Beginner’s Guide
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If you’re new to Madden and want to play and succeed with its hit mode Ultimate Team, a Madden 24 MUT Beginner’s guide might very well be what you’re looking for. Ultimate Team is a whole lot of fun in Madden, granting you the opportunity to build a squad of your liking with your favorite players and stars in the NFL.

Though Madden 24 has only been out for a short time, Ultimate Team has been off and running with some excellent new promos, including the ever-popular AKA Program. And as you can imagine, fans have been immersing themselves into all the new content as they set out on their team building adventure in MUT.

But for those looking to begin their journey for the first time and are in need of some assistance, we decided to provide a beginner’s guide to help you with getting yourself setup and as well as garner a firm grip for how to succeed in this competitive yet fun game mode.

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Madden 24 MUT Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to playing Madden 24 Ultimate Team, there’s a lot of tips and information that’s important to be aware of. The more you understand where things are and how you can maximise your time on the mode, the more successful you will be with building the lineup you want without having to pour hours to do so.

However, the tough reality one has to accept in MUT, is that the best players are the most costly if not the most challenging to unlock. So when you log into Madden 24 Ultimate Team, be prepared that you will have to dedicate some time to build up your MUT Coin and XP needed for the various promo prizes and Season 1 Field Pass rewards that are available.

However, in order for you to reap the rewards you want and succeed at building your dream lineup in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, we recommend you follow these five crucial steps that will only help you dominate MUT and see you reach new heights over the course of the year and onward.

1. Save MUT Coin & Collect XP

One of the first things you will learn about MUT, is that there’s many ways to accumulate its all-important coin. Whether it’s along different Field Passes as rewards or comes as a prize for completing challenges or winning games, MUT Coin is everywhere and is a must for you to stash and collect if you aim on securing any of the players you want. Fans also can quick-sell or auction off non-Account Bound (BND) items they unlock for coin as well, topping off a slew of ways you can build your MUT Coin stash.

But the only way you will be able to unlock MUT Coin, and as efficiently as possible, is by securing valuable XP for the various promos and Field Passes Madden 24 has to offer. The way you can do so is by completing objectives, sets, and or challenges each promo comes with, including for the Season 1 and Competitive Field Passes. However, playing game modes such as solo battles and online matches will also up your ability to secure more XP, and along with it, more MUT Coin. In turn, you will progress quickly through the Field Passes and be able to purchase the players of your choosing from the Auction House.

2. Complete Daily Objectives

If you really want to reap as much MUT Coin and XP as possible, completing Daily Objectives should be front and center for you each time you log in. When you scroll over to the Live Events page in Madden 24 Ultimate Team and open up the Objectives Tab for the Season 1 Field Pass, you will find a Daily Objectives menu that will list three objectives.

Upon completing them, you will receive a nice XP and MUT Coin prize. However, should you complete these Daily Objectives for consecutive days, whether it’s 5, 10, 20 or more, you will receive increasingly larger XP and MUT Coin increments. This is by no means the only way to secure XP and MUT Coin in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, but is certainly the best and quickest if you’re trying to accomplish just that.

3. Solo Battles & H2H

As one can expect, playing the game modes MUT has to offer do help you with earning XP and coin as well. However, games do take longer to complete, and sometimes, won’t always reward you with the result you want depending on how you play. That said, if you want to earn large chunks of XP, playing solo battles and logging in games in the H2H are the two best options available.

Solo Battles allow you to pick your difficulty and choose the opposing MUT lineup you want to face, granting you more flexibility with deciding what kind of experience you want as well as how great of a battle score you want to play for. While H2H comes with a handful of great modes such as Seasons and MUT Champions that will offer you some of the best prizes the mode has to offer simply by winning games.

4. Play Through Challenges

Though it can get a bit old after a while, playing through challenges will do you wonders in Madden 24 Ultimate Team and for a variety of reasons. For starters, if you’re aiming on completing any of the Field Passes the new promos have to offer, the XP increments for those programs are sometimes available along the milestone path for the challenges each comes with. And if they’re not on the milestone rewards ladder, securing challenge stars will also land you the XP you need for these promos as well.

In addition, Challenges come not only with exclusive player and pack prizes on their milestone ladders, but also grant you the chance to complete sets for some of the best Fantasy Option Packs in the game. So far, this is applicable for the Legends Program and the AKA Program, both coming with pack sets that will allow you to unlock a quality champion of your choosing. Lastly, completing each challenge will grant you a certain amount of MUT Coin as well. So challenges grant you a well-versed opportunity of getting a little bit of everything, despite not being the best source for XP and MUT Coin.

5. Complete Sets

Last, but definitely not least, fans can also complete sets should they be after the best players in MUT. To do so, fans just need to visit the Sets tab for each promo on the Live Events page or can scroll to the My Team or Marketplace menus where they can access them there as well. When entering each set, be it for a player or pack, you will see a description on your top left corner detailing what you need in order to complete the set.

But the reason why sets is number five on this list, is because what Madden 24 asks of you to complete these sets can be tedious and usually requires several other player items or tokens. So unless you’re savvy at securing the MUT Coin and XP you need in order to purchase or unlock the players needed, sets are usually the longer and more committed route when pursuing the items you want. To clarify, sets are a key part of MUT and do serve as one of the top outlets for fans to acquire their player cards. But is it the best method in MUT? We think not.

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