Lego 2K Drive maps and regions

Lego 2K Drive maps and regions
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There’s a lot to do in-game, so having a guide to the Lego 2K Drive maps and regions can save time and headaches. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Visual Concepts’ newest release has a sprawling open world to explore, packed to the bricks with side quests, missions and minigames. You’ll be racing through a variety of landscapes, hopefully with plenty of friends if you’re taking advantage of Lego 2K Drive crossplay or split screen. In this guide, we’ll outline all the areas you’ll be able to visit in the game’s main story mode.

All regions in Lego 2K Drive

There are four main regions you’ll be visiting in Lego 2K Drive. These are:

  • Turbo Acres
  • Big Butte County
  • Prospecto Valley
  • Hauntborough

There’s also the Sky Cup Grand Prix, but as this is just a racecourse and not part of the open world, we won’t be counting it here. Let’s go over each area in just a bit more detail, alongside maps for each.

Turbo Acres

Turbo Acres is where you’ll start the game, serving as your tutorial and practice area. It’s also the smallest region by far.

Lego 2K Drive maps and regions: A map of Turbo Acres.

Big Butte County

Big Butte County is your second region, and you’ll need to win your first race to unlock it. It also has the most garages of any region, which act as fast travel points. If you want to make sure you’ve got all the garage locations unlocked, we’ve got you covered in another guide.

Lego 2K Drive maps and regions: A map of Big Butte County

Prospecto Valley

The gold-rich lands of Prospecto Valley will be your penultimate region to unlock. Everyone here is as crazy about gold as they are about racing.

Lego 2K Drive maps and regions: A map of Prospecto Valley


The ghoulish lands of Hauntborough will be the final region you unlock in-game. This could be subject to change with future DLC someday though.

Lego 2K Drive maps and regions: A map of Hauntsborough.

That’s all maps and regions in Lego 2K Drive. Of course, you’ll still have endless fun to dive into through the online multiplayer features. If you’re wanting to use your creations online, or if you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to join in on last-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles, we’ve got the answers for both those questions for you.