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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R – Jolyne Cujoh Guide

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In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, Jolyne Cujoh is a ferocious, rapid-fire fighter, mixing Stand attacks from Stone Ocean with her own powerful blows. While she struggles against long-range combatants, her mid-range capabilities are still more than enough to close the gap. Jolyne has the tools to quickly get up close and bring some real pain.

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How To Use Jolyne Cujoh in JoJo’s All Star Battle R

Jolyne All Star Battle Jojo Stone Ocean

Jolyne is a fast mid-range fighter in All Star Battle, incredibly skilled on the ground and in the air. She is able to quickly get up close and overwhelm opponents by force, being difficult to counter or punish thanks to her fantastic movement.

Keep approaching opponents at bay with Stone Ocean’s mid-range stand abilities, and close the distance to exploit any gaps in their guard. Once the beatdown’s begun, it can be difficult to recover from Jolyne’s up close assaults.

Jolyne Cujoh – JoJo’s All Star Battle R Basic Moves

Jolyne Cujoh’s moves work well at both mid and close range. Her stand abilities and lengthy kicks provide chip damage and control at range, and while up close, they will often impact multiple times and deal significant time.


Stand Off

  • Weak attack – A swift low kick, good for interrupts. Can be chained into a medium or strong attack.
  • Medium attack – A sweeping overhead kick that deals damage twice. A Strong attack can be used as a follow-up.
  • Strong attack – Momentarily summons Jolyne’s Stand, Stone Ocean, to deliver a powerful punch.

Stand On

  • Weak attack – A short forward jab with Stone Ocean.
  • Medium attack – Stone Ocean extends their arm on a thread, the fist will connect once and deal a short burst of damage. This can be chained into a strong attack that will launch opponents.
  • Strong attack – An upwards extending punch with Stone Ocean. If at close range, this move will hit multiple times.

Jolyne All Star Battle R Throws

  • I Gotcha Now! – Jolyne Cujoh drags opponents in with a net made by Stone Ocean, then sends them flying with a powerful stone punch. This throw will break guards and grant a good amount of distance if you’re becoming overwhelmed.

Jolyne All Star Battle Skills

Jolyne Cujoh Stone Ocean moves

Stand Off

  • Whatever It Takes To Win! – Jolyne Cujoh lunges forward and kicks in tandem with her stand. This attack will knock foes down.
  • String Barrier – Jolyne constructs a net of fibers a short distance ahead. This barrier will block enemy attacks, dealing damage on contact. It’s equally viable as an offensive and defensive move.
  • The Best Angle to Strike From! – This move wraps opponents in a string cocoon, holding them immobile as Stone Ocean delivers a rapid-fire series of blows.
  • Sweet Dreams, Creep! – Jolyne leaps into a flurry of kicks, performed in tandem with her stand. This attack hits almost twenty times in the span of a second, dealing good damage and forcing opponents back.
  • I Don’t Need Strength To Block With String! – Jolyne takes up a guard stance, placing string in front of her as a trap. If an enemy attack connects in this time, Jolyne will negate the damage and immediately retaliate with Sweet Dreams, Creep!

Stand On

  • So You’re The Enemy, Huh? – Stone Ocean lets loose a series of quick, damaging punches. This attack can be performed to deal more damage at short range, or reach further at the cost of less overall damage.
  • Don’t Wait, Just Attack! – Stone Ocean extends its fist on a string, sending the enemy flying upwards into the air.
  • I Won’t Cut My String Yet! – A follow-up to Don’t Wait, Just Attack! When the enemy has been launched skyward, Stone Ocean’s extended fist grabs them and brings them crashing back to earth.
  • With My String! – Jolyne Cujoh zips quickly backward or forwards using string to grapple. This movement tool allows Jolyne further control of her placement on the stage.
  • Stringing Me For A Ride! While airborne, Jolyne quickly attaches string to the ground and uses it to pull herself back down. This option can allow Jolyne to cover ground and close the distance with opponents almost instantly.

Jolyne All Star Battle R Super Moves

Heart Heat Attack: 1000 Throws

Jolyne wraps a baseball in her threads, hurling and pulling it back again and again. This move deals good damage and can send foes flying. The first hit must connect for this combo to begin.

Great Heat Attack: Time To Retire You!

Jolyne’s ultimate move. Jolyne fully cocoons an enemy in string, unleashing a barrage of attacks, before summoning Stone Ocean to deliver a Stand Rush. Time To Retire You! is Jolyne’s biggest single source of damage, able to slice huge chunks of health away in the blink of an eye.

That does it for our All Star Battle Jolyne Cujoh guide. Master Jolyne and Stone Ocean’s skills, and you’ll be ready to face just about any opposition.