Best Jagged Alliance 3 mods

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Looking for the best Jagged Alliance 3 mods? THQ Nordic’s and Haemimont Games’ newest title in the series has finally arrived, but the franchise hasn’t endured in popularity for the past 20 years on nostalgia alone. Jagged Alliance 2 has been uplifted over the years by a dedicated community of modders seeking to expand upon and improve the game.

With such a legacy, it seems prudent to ask if there are Jagged Alliance 3 mods, or plans for support and the tools to make it happen. And if there are, then of course: What are the best Jagged Alliance 3 mods? That’s what we’ll aim to answer in this guide. If you’re curious about the base game too though, have a look at how to make money in Jagged Alliance 3, to get your game started off on the right foot.

Jagged Alliance 3 mods: Main menu screen with the Mod Manager tab present.

Are there mods for Jagged Alliance 3?

There are mods for Jagged Alliance 3. The game launched with full mod support. The main menu even includes a mod manager tab, demonstrating that Haemimont Games is well aware of the importance of this feature to the community.

At the time of writing, Jagged Alliance 3 is still fresh, so the mod pool isn’t enormous. Expect the major mods that overhaul or drastically change the game to come later. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any mods though. Already, a number of common gripes with the game have found solutions in the form of these addons. So let’s cover the best ones.

Best mods in Jagged Alliance 3

Mods can vary wildly in what they do and the possibilities they create. They can add new content, rework existing mechanics, or even simply overhaul graphics and assets. Here is our comprehensive list for the top five mods in the game so far.

Jagged Alliance 3 mods:: A merc in combat targeting an opponent, with their chance to hit given body parts displayed.


It’s such a simple feature, yet remarkable that it got overlooked. When aiming at an enemy in Jagged Alliance 3, you can target various different body parts. You chance to hit will depend on your weapon, the distance, the merc, and even the weather conditions. Yet bafflingly, the game doesn’t show you how likely you are to hit or miss a shot.

If that’s something that annoys you, then you’ll want this mod. Made, quite hilariously, by Haemimont Games themselves, this mod simply enables percentages on an enemy’s body parts when targeting them that show how likely you are to hit. Though the studio note it’s initial absence due to their desire for combat to be ‘chaotic and messy,’ it’s nice of them to make the option available nonetheless.

Activate Pause!

The title says it all. This mod very simply creates an in-game pause feature, togglable with the spacebar. Given that stealth kills and positioning happen in real time, while only combat itself is turn based, this feature should alleviate a lot of frustration when things are happening too quickly or too numerously for you to keep on top of.

Be advised that creator Kavu has warned the mod is imperfect. You’ll want to avoid trying to open the game menu while your paused, or pausing during cutscenes, as your game may get stuck if you do so.


Another simple change that makes a big difference. Money is something that can be tough to keep on top of in this game, hence why we made a whole other guide on the topic. Once you get through the early game and open your first mine though, that all changes. Mines are a great way of making serious cash, and pulling yourself out of the red. However, play far enough into the game and you’ll unfortunately discover that these mines don’t last forever. Mines can run dry, and shut forever, leaving your profits plummeting and your hard work to capture and defend them undone.

That’s where Steam user SkunkXL’s Evermine mod comes in. Simply, this mod keeps your diamond mines from running dry. Their in-game lore reason for this is that the Archimedes Mining Corporation has shipped new deep-bore experimental mining equipment to Gran Chein, on behalf of the mercs looking to maintain a long-term investment. It’s a simple but useful mod, and perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of the mine depletion feature.

Big Guns

Another mod made by Haemimont Games themselves, this one is even simpler than the last few. Big Guns just makes your guns big. All of them. Comically big. This mod will alter the in-game models for all weapons to make them ridiculously oversized. It won’t affect the gameplay, but it looks hilarious. For that reason and that reason alone, it gets a spot on this list.

Jagged Alliance 3 mods: A team of mercs in combat wielding comically large guns.

More Ammo x3

Ammunition is vital in this game, unsurprisingly. There’s a wide variety of ammunition, and large engagements can easily see you burn through dozens or even hundreds of rounds. The ammo crafting system is great, and there are places you can buy ammunition as well.

Unfortunately, the materials to craft ammo, such as gunpowder, can be hard to come by. Meanwhile those places that sell ammunition? They’re small, and usually only sell a tiny amount of one or two randomized types every other day.

BRick’s More Ammo x3 mod makes a simple adjustment to fix that. It doesn’t increase the amount of ammo you get in drops by three-fold, but rather increases the chance of it dropping on defeated enemies by three times. Given how easy it is for enemies to drop little to no ammunition, this easy fix should make your life a lot easier, and keep your mercs in the game for longer.

That’s everything we’ve got on Jagged Alliance 3 mods so far. We’ll be sure to update this guide with a breakdown of more best mods as they come out. Be sure to brush up on the rest of the base game in the meantime. With plenty of new and returning Jagged Alliance 3 talents, perks, and traits, it’s as good a time as any to brush up on what the mercs can offer you, how to turn on Forgiving Mode in Jagged Alliance 3, and the best directions to train them in.

Are there Jagged Alliance 3 mods?

Yes, mods are supported and available for Jagged Alliance 3?

How many Jagged Alliance 3 mods are there?

There are currently just under 70 different mods for Jagged Alliance 3. 

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