Is CSGO no longer free?

Is CSGO no longer free?
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CSGO retains its place as one of the most beloved FPS titles of the current generation due to the action-packed gameplay that it brings to its loyal fan base.

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With the announcement of CS2, however, a large number of players are now worried that the game will no longer be free once the sequel’s launched. For this reason, we’ll be taking a look at the current availability of CSGO and whether or not it can still be played without paying once the follow-up installment arrives.

Can you still play CSGO for free?

Yes, CSGO is completely free so all you’ll need to do in order to play is to install it from Valve’s Steam platform. Once CS2 releases, it will still retain its free-to-play nature – outside of the purchasable weapon skins, music packs, and other in-game cosmetics, that is.

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Valve has already announced that their follow-up FPS entry will be arriving at some point in Summer 2023. This means that players who weren’t given access to the beta period of the game will only be able to play it during this time.

On the other hand, the handful of people that have been granted access to the pre-release phase can start experiencing all the new features that it has to offer. This includes the improved tick rates, the dynamic smoke grenade mechanics, and, of course, the brighter maps.

For those tuning in to the esports side of things, Valve has also noted that the Paris Major tournament will be the last event that features CSGO. Since this event takes place towards the end of May, we can probably expect the follow-up to be released some time in early June. Keep in mind, though, that this is yet to be confirmed by the developers themselves so it’s still subject to change.