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How to Play Save the World in Fortnite (2023)

How to Play Save the World in Fortnite
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It would be wrong to call Fortnite just a battle royale game. It has a lot of game modes with different mechanics. Popular mods like Zero Build and Save the World are among them. If you’re tired of playing against other players and are looking for some PvE action, Save the World might be just what you’re looking for. So let’s ask the obvious question: How to play Save the World in Fortnite?

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The “Husks” are your enemies that you must destroy in order to succeed in Save the World. To do this, you’ll have to fight in teams of four, work together and send these ugly creatures that are gradually coming towards you back to where they came from.

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When you download Fortnite for free, you don’t have to make a special download for the Save the World mode. After you open the game, it’s enough to pass the welcome screens and change the game mode on the right of the main menu. If you haven’t figured out how to do that, we’ll explain it in detail.

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How to Play Save the World in Fortnite in 2022

Epic Games’ PvE mode is both very simple and somewhat confusing to play. Since it’s not one of Fortnite’s main modes, it’s left in the background a bit. Once you’ve teamed up with your friends or are ready to form a four-person team with other players, you can move on to the next step.


Here’s what you need to do to play Fortnite Save the World mode:

  1. Go to the main menu where you can see your character.
  2. Click on the largest image on the right side of the screen. 
  3. Make sure you stay in the Discover tab on the screen that opens.
  4. Swipe to the right across the modes listed as “BY EPIC”.
  5. Find and click on the “Save the World” mode in the sixth row.

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play Fortnite Save the World mode

Save the World mode isn’t available on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. You can only fight zombie-like creatures on PC, Playstation and Xbox. But don’t worry, you can play this mode with your friends thanks to cross-platform support.

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If you haven’t played Fortnite Save the World mode yet, you’ll have to “perform” a small one-time download. After you activate the mod in the main menu, a 2 GB installation is required first, and then a 22 GB installation. So you’d better free up some extra space on your computer.

fortnite Is Save the World Free

Is Save the World Free?

Although Epic Games provides Save the World mode for free from time to time, you’ll have to spend some money to play this mode in 2022. The price for this mod varies depending on where you live, but you can find it out by checking the official site or after clicking in the game for the first time.

Since it’s one of the most popular mods in the game, you may see guides from malicious people that you can play this mod for free. Don’t take such recommendations seriously without an official explanation on Epic Games’ site.

To play Save the World mode, you must purchase the Crossmark Operative Pack, which is sold for $15.99. By completing the tasks in this pack, you can earn 1500 VBucks and get many rewards. You can also play the Save the World mode with your friends (if they’ve also purchased it).

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After making the necessary purchases and installing the mod, you can access Save the World from the main menu. Just like Fortnite’s other modes, this one has its own interface. If you meet with your friends in the same lobby or join other players who play this mode, there won’t be any obstacles between you and the Husks.

That’s all we shared about how to play Save the World in Fortnite for now. You’ll love this mode where you collect resources, cooperate and kill the enemies that rush at you (did someone say Left 4 Dead?), far from the classic battle royale experience.


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